Veterinary clinics are now practicing online consultations with a futuristic view

Telemedicine has become highly popular during the Covid19 pandemic.  Many people choose it as a traditional medical treatment is not advisable to avoid exposure to the novel coronavirus. The scope of telemedicine for humans has expanded many more times during the pandemic. For most common health problems that do not always require the doctor’s physical intervention, telemedicine is quite effective for treating many diseases.  As much concerned we are about our health during the pandemic, pet lovers are equally concerned about the pets’ health during the days of lockdown and physical distancing.

As pets share close relationships with humans, we must also share some aspects of healthcare as we do. You must have a vet to look after your pet in the same way as a family physician. However, taking care of pet health during the pandemic is not easy due to the restrictions imposed on hospital and clinic visits. To overcome the problem and ensure continued vet care during the pandemic and even later, you must find an online veterinarian. However, you must know whether the veterinarian meets the criteria for providing online treatment with telemedicine.

What kind of treatment is available from the online vet for your pet will become clear on going through this article.

General wellness advice

Pet owners are always seeking answers to various questions about pet health to ensure its wellness and wellbeing. Although a lot of information is available on the internet, it can be hard to depend on its authenticity always. Moreover, it requires some knowledge to understand and analyze the information about pet health that many pet owners lack. Ill-conceived information can be detrimental to your pet’s health. Instead, setting up an online consultation with the vet through text message, email, or website is a correct approach to ensure your pet’s wellness with proper guidance. Some apps are available that provide telemedicine for pets so that pet owners can receive the right advice.

Post-surgical care

Online veterinary services are most useful for post surgical care of your pet. Post-surgical care is critical for timely recovery from the surgery and needs close monitoring by the vet. They can address this through online consultations.  Pet owners can download a vet health app on their smartphones and set up an appointment with the vet for consultation by sharing images of the surgery site so that the vet can track the healing rate and detect any abnormalities early. To monitor the animal’s behavior and mobility, video calls are highly helpful as vets can assess the pet better. The online sessions are utterly stress-free as the pet remains within the home.

Even during regular times, taking your vet to the clinic or hospital is no easy task as you must spend time and a lot of effort to see that the animal feels comfortable to meet the vet.  Online consultation with the vet saves your time and effort while ensuring complete convenience for the pet as it does away with the travel, waiting time and eliminates the risk of your pet feeling sicker.

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