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Getting yourself to the BJJ Gym for your first BJJ class is a very exciting and challenging thing. In this BJJ gear guide, we’ll familiarize you with all the equipment you need to train BJJ.

Two types of BJJ Training.

  • GI BJJ – the type of training where you must wear BJJ GI in the class. The Gi or so-called Kimono in other sports consists of a jacket and pants tied with the belt
  • No-GI BJJ – for this type of training you need Rashguard and shorts

The gear you need for GI BJJ.


To train BJJ in the GI (Kimono) you will need a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Gi and the belt. Not Judo, Karate, or Tae Kwon Do Gi, but exclusively BJJ GI as they’re pretty different. Also, don’t forget that you should wear a rashguard under the GI.

There are various versions of BJJ GIs, and finding the best one for you is essential to feel good while training. Make sure to look at the size charts, the weave they’re made of, and of course the price of the gi. You don’t want to break your budget by buying the most expensive one when you can read some guides and reviews on BJJ Gis and buy the best possible GI for yourself.

BJJ GI is composed of both a Jacket and pants. There are also some brands that will give you the belt together with the gi so you don’t have to buy one.

BJJ GI Colors

While there are numerous colors of Jiu-jitsu Gis, there are three main colors:

  • White
  • Blue
  • Black

If you’re worried about the color of the gi, and you have competition in mind make sure to buy Blue, Black, or White BJJ Gi. Those three colors are the only colors approved in IBJJF competitions and most competitions around the world. You may also consider asking the gym owner or coach, where you decided to train in, what color is allowed in their gym. While most of the gyms allow all kinds of colors, some gyms like AOJ don’t allow any other color but white.

Preshrunk Gi or Not

One more important thing about Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu GI is that you must check if it is preshrunk or not. Preshrunk GIs usually won’t become small for your size after you wash them for few times. Also, stretching sleeves and pants before putting them to dry will help your Jiu-Jitsu Gi remain the same size as when you bought it.

BJJ GI fabrics

  • Single weave
  • Double weave
  • Pearl weave
  • Ripstop

BJJ GI weight

  • ultra-lightweight
  • lighweigth
  • mediumweight
  • heavyweight

When you’re buying the GI think about the weave you’re gonna go for and the weight of the gi. While lightweight and ultra-lightweight Gis are usually more comfortable to wear they tend to rip faster than heavyweight Gis. Also, if you’re training in hot areas lightweight GI should be your main choice as heavyweight BJJ Gi could make you sweat a lot. And in Jiu-Jitsu rolling you’ll sweat really a lot.

BJJ Belt

Once you start training BJJ you’ll need GI, but also a BJJ belt to tie your jacket with it. BJJ Belts are made of various colors, but as you’re just starting to train you’re a BJJ White Belt. SO, the white-colored belt is actually your only choice.

In between belts, some clubs hand out what are called stripes or tags to show progress. There is an optimum of 4 tags given for every belt (white to brownish belt) and also it’s these tags/stripes that are put on your ranking bar. Some like to have them stitched on and others simply utilize the electric tape.

Belt Material

Most belts are made from conventional canvas cotton however some companies are making belts from GI weave material. Canvas cotton belts are usually less costly and also have a lighter as well as stiffer feel to them whereas the GI product belts set you back even more and also are typically larger, thicker, and also much better top quality.

You will require the exact same dimension belt as your GI dimension. The belt might appear long at first, but they are indicated to be wrapped around your body twice and after that connected at the front. There are several methods to link your belt which we won’t go into in this overview but there are plenty of various other resources online that cover this.


For training NO GI BJJ you will require a rashguard and also a set of BJJ Shorts Some individuals likewise wear spats (a sort of leggings) under or instead of their shorts. Beginning in your very first lesson a set of shorts and also tee will certainly be adequate yet at some point, you will certainly desire a correct set of grappling shorts and also rashguard as they are a lot more durable enable a higher variety of motion.

No-GI Shorts.

BJJ shorts sometimes referred to as grappling shorts are created particularly for No GI BJJ as well as they are usually made from a lightweight resilient product that will certainly take on the rough and also tumble of being come to grips with as well as clutched. Our shorts include a 3-way midsection securing system that comprises a rope waist tie and also a 2-point Velcro system which aids to maintain good and protection. The majority of shorts additionally include a stretchy crotch area which allows for better movement when rolling.

Rash Guards

Rashguards are important for Jiu-Jitsu and grappling as a whole due to the fact that they restrict skin on skin contact with your companion when boring and also sparring. This is necessary for a number of factors. The initial factor is that nobody wants someone else’s perspiring chest in their face when being installed or when embedded side control, Yuck! As well as the 2nd, as well as crucial reason, is that it restricts the chances of floor covering birthed conditions like ringworm and also staph being spread out between people when in a close call.


Spats or leggings as they are often recognized can be endured on their own or under a set of shorts. They can also be worn under a GI which can be a lifesaver in the winter if your fitness center is as cold as ours is. They are made from the same material as rashguards and healthy extremely tight/closely to the body.

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