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Life around us is constantly changing, and the global economy never rests. Yesterday, cryptocurrencies (digital) were a laughing stock for many, and today they run the world’s economy, in addition to the many banks in various parts of the planet; It has become in its official financial trading regulations. It is also permitted to trade directly in the various stock exchanges, and to speculate to achieve the highest profit. Even tech giants like Elon Musk’s Tesla are starting to officially accept it.

With the increasing desire for easy and safe digital trading, it has become necessary to provide worry-free services, providing all aspects of user convenience; Here comes the role of World’s best cryptocurrency exchange. With Bit Globals, you trade, transfer, invest, buy bitcoin, sell bitcoin, Instant withdrawal Zero trade fees like nowhere, and also deposit the most important cryptocurrency easily, as the main specialty is Bitcoin; The most widely traded and valuable cryptocurrency in the world in 2021. 

Now, why should you open an account with Bit Globals?

The best crypto exchange full control wallet in the world!

Bit Globals provides a secure environment for creating a wallet that enables you to easily sell bitcoin, buy bitcoin, receive bitcoin, send and store Bitcoin, all with competitive speed and exceptional security, along with 0% service costs.

Yes, digital operations with us are absolutely free!

MasterCard is 100% secure!

Bit Globals offers you a MasterCard card that enables you to use your digital money easily and securely, with the possibility of obtaining it virtually online, or physically placing it in your wallet. Most importantly, it is without administrative expenses, limits, or difficult contracts; 3DS secure feature is offered in payment gateways of various stores. Pay with bitglobals card wherever you want, pay Instantly at more than 40 Million Merchants Worldwide. Withdraw funds from ATM worldwide.

Deal with instant price

Bit Globals is proud to present a real-time counter capable of measuring the bitcoin live price with every passing moment, so that you can take the decision to buy or sell bitcoin according to the requirements of the global market, without having to search in complex pricing tables in financial platforms that are directed to specialists and are difficult to deal with. In addition to the possibility of withdrawing your money in liquid form from ATMs around the world through many intermediary transfer platforms.

Ease of conversion

With Bit Globals, a transfer through your bank account is not necessary; It’s much easier. First you have to create an account, then add the recipient’s data, followed by the type of transaction you want (send money abroad for example) and wait for our platform to determine the transfer value according to the instant pricing, and finally confirm the transfer and wait for it to be completed within only 24 hours.

Coins beyond absorption!

Bit Globals supports the withdrawal of funds from its official wallets in more than 150+ currencies worldwide. It’s all done easily and securely with our stamped MasterCard card, which is as easy as possible to extract, thus ensuring a hassle-free digital life, while maintaining your security and 0% service costs always and forever. Making a withdrawal in your local currency from the Bit Globals exchange to your bank account is very simple. 

Money back that exceeds your expectations

With every transaction you make with Bit Globals, you get cashback upto 25% of the transaction value. The more you trade, the more money you earn in your digital wallet. Cashback can further be used to buy cryptocurrencies

It is not mandatory to submit official papers

Bit Globals does not require customers to provide official documents to start digital transactions through them, so they can choose a Non KYC account when creating an account. Also, if the customer wants to deal formally, he can choose KYC and submit some official papers that guarantee his accurate dealings with third parties as per business requirements and home country restrictions. Multiple features available for 135+ countries

Now, what are you waiting for?

Your money is in your hands, your security is guaranteed, your transfers will not be easier than them, and your profits will undoubtedly come to you. The free digital trading market is open to you with!

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