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Tips for icing a cake (if you have never done it before)

When it comes to the first impression of your cake, let’s face it, cakes are often immediately judged on their decoration (and icing) as well as their flavour. This is why no matter how long you have spent on making the perfect light sponge, it’s important to master your icing. We’re here to help, with a masterclass on buttercream, perfecting this will be crucial to start your cake baking journey! 

We chose buttercream as this is the icing that most beginner and professional cake decorators use for cake filling, exterior covering, and piped decorations. It is one of the most simple yet impactful icing styles, so perfect for beginners. Simple buttercream will form a ‘crust’ due to its high sugar content which adds to it’s unique texture, revealing a soft, smooth and sweet interior. 

We spoke with the cake decoration experts at The Anges Bakery for their ultimate tips for buttercream beginners. Now you’re in luck, buttercream is what Anges De Sucre normally choose to decorate their fancy cakes, so they are quite literally the experts on this.

Firstly let’s find a little more about them, then delve into their top tips; Anges De Sucre was founded in 2011 by Reshmi Bennett upon her return to London from Paris. She trained under several truly amazing Michelin-starred chefs and learnt the art of baking. Reshmi still works in the bakery on a daily basis where she designs every single cake. Together with a small team of staff and exceptional suppliers Anges de Sucre delivers cakes all over London and further afield. 

Agnesdesucre’s top tips for a successful buttercream:
Keep it smooth

Make sure your butter is at room temperature before beating it, this helps you achieve the consistency you need. All the lumps should be completely beaten out before adding the sugar a little at a time to keep it smooth. Remember here to try to not overbeat the buttercream after all the ingredients have been added or you might add bubbles, which will ruin the texture, and look of the icing.

Let your cake cool
Don’t try to cover a freshly baked cake with chilled buttercream. We know it’s an obvious one, heat + butter = melt, but wait till it is completely cold to reduce any risk. For the best results chill your cake and bring the icing to room temperature. 

Select your colour

If you are making dark colored buttercream icing such as purple or red it is important to allow the icing to sit for at least 3 to 4 hours before using it because the colors often deepen over time.
Bonus tip: Pretty pastel colors are best created with powder rather than liquid colouring. Sometimes, too much liquid coloring can completely ruin the texture of the buttercream, so try to balance the flavoring extracts and liquid coloring if that is the recipe you are using.

Ensure you have to right amount
If you are covering a cake with buttercream, make enough to do the entire job, again an obvious point but don’t underestimate the size of your cake. Often once your icing is made it can be difficult to recreate colours, and leave you in a pickle! Discover Anges De Sucre’s world of bold, beautiful and totally bonkers cakes. Not only are they great to look at, we hope our cake selection provides icing inspiration for your own at home bakes!

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