The Art of Dropshipping, What You Need to Know- Insights from Entrepreneur Robert Goodman Jr.

            As with any flourishing and competitive business industry, there are many techniques that an entrepreneur can utilize to achieve success. Dropshipping is still a new venture that many people are striving to understand. It is part of an E-Commerce business whose operational model allows an entrepreneur to sell products without necessarily having to possess any inventory. It might seem like a manageable undertaking, but dropshipping is an art, at least according to Entrepreneur Robert Goodman Jr.

            Robert Goodman Jr. has been doing Shopify Dropshipping for the last year, and he seems to enjoy it. He was inspired by the need to create passive income to supplement the salary he got from his 9-5 job. Robert Goodman Jr. ensures that he dropships products with a wow factor or those that solve a problem that his competitors are yet to explore. He says, sustaining a dropshipping business can be exhilarating. He adds that if you fail, it can be costly- lost money, lost self-esteem, and lost money. Robert Goodman Jr. recently shared some secrets that he believes can dramatically increase an entrepreneur’s chances of success in a dropshipping venture.

  1. Study your competitors at length

Just like any other business, you need to have a robust and dynamic understanding of your competition. Robert Goodman Jr. insists that what distinguishes one product from another is marketing tactics. It is likely that another vendor is selling the same product you do from the same supplier, so how you market it is everything. Take your time to study the competitive scene, from the prices to the shortfalls of your competitors. Notice how they make their products stand out. Your goal in dropshipping is to make sure customers always want to pick your product.

  • Research, research, research!

Robert Goodman Jr. reiterates that you need to research your customers’ needs- what do they want? What trend are they in to? What is in demand in the market? Do a thorough research on what would fit best with your dropshipping strategies, your market, and your customer base. Study the interests of your potential customers from their tastes, preferences, and budget. Remember, it is all about your clients at the end of it all.

  • Start small, be consistent

It is tempting to add as many products as you can to your store when you start. Most entrepreneurs in dropshipping businesses assume that the more respectable their store looks, the more likely customers will buy from them. Robert Goodman Jr. is against this notion; instead, he advises that by starting small, you can focus on writing higher quality product descriptions, take higher quality product photos, optimize prices and discounts in a smaller amount of time. Aside from all these, be consistent. Robert Goodman Jr. points out that consistency in dropshipping makes an entrepreneur appear professional, and this is what they need to stand out.

            Indeed, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Dropshipping is an art that anyone can learn. Robert Goodman Jr. says- Just get started!

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