Tonio Hall Unveils A Magnificent Album Titled Over My Feelings

Dallas, Texas-based R&B singer-songwriter Tonio Hall has just released a brand new album titled Over My Feelings, home to a collection of 7 mesmerizing tracks, released via the label SEVEN14 Entertainment. His raw authenticity and ability at naturally translating his life experiences into lyrics and music are some of the elements that explain the inspiring quality of this record. 

He first began his musical journey by playing the drums and piano in Church and continued polishing his skills even after his mother’s tragic passing. His strong penchant for merging various urban subgenres including R&B and Hip-Hop with smooth synths and catchy hooks lay the solid foundation from which to layer over his striking vocals, surgically executed and touching the listener’s heart instantaneously. 

Over My Feelings is a magnificent album that will undoubtedly help cement the rise of one of the most talented singer-songwriters of his generation. 

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