Kanthi D Suresh

Sports needs more Women decision makers. Kanthi D Suresh’s formulae for survival !

Inspite of women athletes outnumbering men in many countries, the fact is the majority of the decision makers across sports are male dominated. Surprisingly,  India has the first lady who owns a sports channel. She is Kanthi D Suresh of Power Sportz. Its rather strange that developed Sporting nations like  UK, USA and others are still wanting when it comes to gender parity in Sports. Needless to add here that it takes more than just plain boldness for a woman to survive and perhaps succeed in an otherwise globally male dominated environment

Kanthi D Suresh of Power Sportz is known for her charm in the sports media. She is the founder of Power sportz,Indias first digital Live Multi Sports channel,  and has been an  anchor and sports journalist, herself. She started her career in the sports media as an anchor on DD sports in 2008 and went on to cover the  Olympics, Commonwealth games, Asian games for India. She is not only recognized for her sharp intellect but also for  an elegant personality. Her beautiful appearance on screen makes her more desiring and inspirational. Academically, she has done her Masters in Business Administration and is also qualified from the London School of Journalism. But, is that enough to survive and excel in a male domain. Here are the 5 strategies or Principles she believes in to grow in a male dominated environment

  1. Don’t play the Victim card-  Strong Women don’t make themselves look pitiful and don’t point fingers. They stand and deal. ‘You don’t have to please everyone, when you’re done, just leave, no fight, no argument and no goodbye’!
  • Rely on your strength- Particularly when you are a minority in number, be determined to do something that others are determined not to be done. Turn down the volume outside, and then be tough enough to follow through! Don’t stress out over nonsensical things.
  • FOCUS-Don’t blame the distraction. You can never do BIG things if you’re distracted by small things. Keep the Focus intense. Let them think you’re CRAZY!
  • Raise the bar- You may have an Attitude but what is more important is to have higher standards and even higher boundaries. Its OK to start late, look different , be uncertain and still succeed.
  • Learn to say NO…but– Know what you bring to the table, and don’t be afraid to eat alone. Know your worth, ..but remember..emotions and bonds only make you Stronger!

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