INTERVIEW: The Cold Stares

Vents: Hi guys, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

The Cold Stares: We’ve been great! Just back in the states off of a sold out tour run in Scandinavia. We were the first touring US band back on the ground there after shutdown!

Vents: Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Prosecution Blues”?

The Cold Stares: Prosecution Blues was an opportunity to tip our hat to some of our heavy Blues influences. I always loved the way that Zeppelin used a Blues as a vehicle to insert metaphors and say things lyrically that were poetic and deeper than the surface layer. That’s what we tried to do with Prosecution Blues, and also take that vehicle on a spin through streets that were familiar to us.

Vents: Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song? 

The Cold Stares: No, just inspired by relationships I had seen around me. I had that first line- “Gonna put you down, down, down, gonna lay you softly on the cold hard ground”, in my head with the riff and I built the song around that. It’s a notion of being done wrong that I think we can all sympathize with. I like the contrasts in the opening lyric of putting her down, softly, and cold hard ground. I felt it tied up the feelings that we have sometimes of anger and resentment, but still having emotions tied to something you once cared for. 

Vents: How was the recording and writing process? 

The Cold Stares: Knowing we would be doing the record at Sam Phillips Studio in Memphis, I had a few tracks in mind for the record that I thought would specifically work there. “In The Night Time”, and “Prosecution Blues” were two of those. We cut the track live, if I remember correctly keeping the first pass. We wanted it be mean and sway a little, and have a bit of anxiety and mood built in. I wrote the song in my head literally start to finish, and knew it would be perfect for the historical landscape at Sam Phillips.

Vents: What role does Indiana play in your music?

The Cold Stares: None, zero, except perhaps the frustration that’s added into our music for being in an area that doesn’t really appreciate music. We live in Evansville, and we have more fans and interest in almost any town in the world outside of here. 

Vents: What aspect addiction and relationships did you get to explore on this record? 

The Cold Stares: Really tried to explore them all. This record is about emotions as much as anything. How does it feel to be on either side of addiction in a relationship, how does it feel to be scorned, or to betray? We all I think should be allowed to have emotions on each side, however I feel like the side that suffers the initial grief is always the peripheral bystanders. 

Vents: Was it easy to dive deep into these dark themes? 

The Cold Stares: Well 2020 was a dark year. People talk about the record being dark, but what did you expect? It was the bleakest year I think perhaps in most of our lifetimes, and the record reflects that. I hope that in the end after living with the record the sentiment is that the listener can say to themselves, “oh, you dealt with that too?”. Because the effort is to portray and share that we are not alone in this, dealing with emotions, tragedies, it’s part of the human condition and we should all find some empathy together. 

Vents: Where else did you find the inspiration for the songs and lyrics? 

The Cold Stares: Old movies, books, a lot of downtime in 2020 to reflect and absorb. 

Vents: What else is happening next in The Cold Stares’ world?

The Cold Stares: Album drops August 13th. We have a midwest US tour in August, followed by Aftershock Festival with Metallica in October. We also head back to Europe on October 15th for another run through the rest of Europe that we missed due to lock down restrictions. Hopefully we are able to continue to hustle and get this records in the hands and ears of as many people as possible!

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