German Metalcore Band IMMUNITY Unveil Their Latest Banger Titled “Trainwreck” (Official Music Video)

Nuremberg, Germany-based Metalcore band IMMUNITY are releasing their latest single titled  “Trainwreck,” released alongside powerful visuals. IMMUNITY follows-up to their debut hit single, “Trust The Algorithm,” released earlier this year. The band is composed of Dominik Maiser, whose versatile vocal technics allows him to perfectly execute a thriving clean voice over, but also hardcore screams and shouts. 

The other band member, Adrien Dembowski is a very talented guitarist, a studio musician and a multi-instrumentalist with decades of experience. His ability to create a unique atmosphere throughout every song has given IMMUNITY’s music a rock solid core structure. 

When explaining the meaning behind their new single “Trainwreck,” Dominik explains: It is about the point in life where you crash and you cannot undo it. I’ve chosen a train crash as the symbol for the lyrics because I think this imagery describes these feelings best.”

As heard on “Trainwreck” and “Trust the Algorithm,” IMMUNITY’s music encompasses all the elements to succeed, far from superficiality, holding the potential of attracting a cult-like fan base from all across the globe. 
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