Which Online Advertising Is Right For Your Company – Banner Or Pay-Per-Click

Marketers have been trying to find the best efficient methods to engage with customers on the internet just as the online marketing explosion started. Display ads are among the most common kinds of online marketing.  Display advertisements are categorized into two categories: banner ads and pay-per-click (PPC) ads.

Banners are possibly the earliest and most significant widespread form of advertising. In its most generic definition, it functions as a signboard, disseminating a marketing message.

A PPC ad, similar to a banner ad, is an internet display ad that appears on a webpage. They are, nevertheless, charged depending on the frequency of visits they get, as opposed to banner ads.

  • Price

Using banner advertisements, you understand precisely how much you’re going to invest in advance. In addition, banner advertising is simple to set up. Call a banner printing business and tell your specifications, and you’re finished. They carry on from there. But in the case of Pay-Per-Click, you might lose sales prospects opportunities with wrong clicks.

  • Brand awareness

Banner ads are excellent for increasing brand recognition since they are typically located in areas where a prospective consumer might be discovered. Customers see the banners first since they are the most conspicuous. The deal displayed is recognized, which promotes sales. Consumers that are intrigued will take action.

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  • Building the brand

People must be briefed about the brand repeatedly until they are well-versed. Banners can assist you with this because they may market your product in multiple areas and at varying periods. People will continue to notice your brand and begin to associate it with it. While with PPC, it is only for a short time.

  • Different types of banner ads

Traditional banner advertising was fixed in the form typically consisting of a.gif or.jpeg image file. With the advancement of tech, new types of banner ads have developed in the advertising landscape. There are expanding animated, unicast, and other different banner ads. Unfortunately, PPC restricts you, and consumers don’t focus on it much today.

  • Control

You have control over the banner ad. If you believe you have gained any result from it that you had desired, it can be removed anytime. But with PPC, you are paying a fee for a specific time even if it doesn’t work.

  • Targets different customers

Banners enable businesses to reach a wide range of consumers with a singular marketing medium.  Rather than wasting effort and cash identifying and researching narrow target client groups, a banner helps you to address a huge portion of the varied wider populace. With PPC, you are targeting a specific group of people only.


Looking at the pros and cons of both the types of advertising, banner ads seem more effective in building the brand and are a success if it is creative enough. 

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