Hanna Shanar Incorporates His Passion For Helping Others Through Music

Hanna Shanar Incorporates His Passion For Helping Others Through Music

In the current society that is overcome by hip-hop artists, social media influencers, and mainstream culture, there is often negative influence on impressionable minds who are misguided by artists that they look up to. In order to combat the spread of misinformation and the negative influence of pop culture on young people across the world, CEO of music label Rap Group Management has partnered with verified musicians and influencers, such as Karine Sho-time Thornton, in order to become a positive influence on youths. Hanna Shanar, born August 8th, 1998, has quite the impressive list of accomplishments at only 23 years old. 

Hanna is currently a medical student training at the world renowned and accredited Nova Southeastern University Dr. Kiran C Patel College of Osteopathic Medicine, where he is set to become a licensed physician in 2024. Hanna has completed meaningful cardiology research with a Forbes top 25 cardiologist that was published in the American Heart Association’s “Circulation Research” issue of 2020. On top of this, Hanna is recently a best-selling author with the release of his new book “A Search for Truth” on Amazon

Hanna garnered hundreds of book sales to reach #1 best seller and #1 new release in multiple categories across Amazon. Hanna’s most recent endeavor is to expand and grow his music label, Rap Group Management, which is a network of 5 accounts on Instagram that aim to promote aspiring artists, and give young musicians a chance at accomplishing their goals and reaching their dreams. This multi-million following network reaches thousands upon thousands of people on a daily basis, and has massive influence. As CEO, Hanna Shanar expands his network by partnering with famous musicians, influencers, and other massive media accounts with notable influence. In the near future, Rap Group Management will become a full blown record label that is committed to endorsing and promoting artists whose ideologies align with Hanna’s vision. As previously mentioned, Hanna wants to use this network in order to encourage the artists that he works with to spread positivity, health consciousness, and overall social awareness to their onlookers, as opposed to the traditional and mainstream glorification of drugs, alcohol, partying, and gang life. 
Hanna believes that this transition would be particularly effective in providing low-income neighborhoods with some guidance to help them recognize certain principles that may benefit them long term. Hanna is passionate about helping those around him however he can, which is part of the reason he is committed to becoming a physician in the near future. For his long term Rap Group Management goals, Hanna Shanar plans to provide positive influence for socioeconomically disadvantaged or misguided individuals through their joint appreciation for music. To explore the endeavors of Hanna, click here, or Google him!

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