The Importance of Good Product Photography

Nearly a quarter of products sold online are returned for not looking like they did online. This highlights the importance of good product photography, as well as the fact that content that is visual is forty times more likely to be shared on social media platforms.

We will take a detailed look at the role good product photography plays in helping you to increase your product sales. 

Reduces Competitors

As much as you may think you are selling a unique product, you are probably not. Use good product photographs to highlight how your product is better than your competitors.

Do this in correlation with the below aspects:


The background used for product photography plays an important role. Nearly ¾ of images that have a white background are clicked on as opposed to other background colors.

Lighter backgrounds tend to make products look more classic and real. Darker backgrounds ooze desirability and opulence.


If you use a professional product photographer they will have all the equipment required including a good quality camera.

A professional will also know how to take the best photographs using the correct lighting and angles. 


There are two types of lighting usually used in product photography: artificial and natural.

Artificial lighting includes bulbs and candles and is otherwise known as hard lighting.

Often referred to as soft lighting, natural lighting refers to a sunlit environment. Professionals tend to prefer natural lighting as it accentuates a product’s real features better than artificial lighting would.

Improve Your Brand

The images that you use will help to put your mark as a business in the industry. If, over a period of time, you consistently present branded product photography, you will show consumers the quality your brand has.

This will also highlight the professionalism of your brand, which will be valued by your customers.

Social Media

As social media continues to boom, visual content is the preferred choice when it comes to content. This can be seen through the popularity of sites such as Pinterest and Instagram.

With this in mind, the product photography you use needs to be distinctive to your brand as well as professional.

Boosts Communication

Words do not carry as much weight as images and this is also true when it comes to marketing your product or brand. Consumers who are looking for a product online do not have the patience or the time to read lengthy amounts of text.

Avoid this by highlighting the features your product carries and/or the colors or sizes that your product is available in.

Outlines Expectations

It is far easier to sell products offline than it is online. When customers cannot feel, touch or taste what they are buying, they are more likely to return the product if the image you have of the product doesn’t reflect the product accurately.

Targets Mobile Audiences

More and more of us now use our smartphones to access the internet. Imagery is, therefore, the best way to capture the attention of those who are browsing your site.

Good product photography should speak for your product and encourage your visitors to want to know more.

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