Acclaimed Director Rahul Jain Sets His Course for New Series “Falling Star”

One of the visionary directors making quite the wave at this year’s Cannes Film Festival is director extraordinaire Rahul Jain who bowled over critics and audiences alike with the film Invisible Demons. And now, striking while the iron is hot, the suddenly very much in-demand auteur has announced his follow-up project to his Cannes sensation, according to our always on the ball muchachos over at Variety.

 Falling Star will be the next endeavor for Indian helmer Rahul Jain, which is being billed as a television limited fiction series set to take a hard look at the director’s current obsession with the theory of Anthropocene, which is a fancy moniker for the geological age we currently find ourselves in; an age where man’s activity has been the overriding and deciding factor on hot button issues such as the climate and the environment. Jain will be specifically focusing on the so-called smartphone and all of the baggage that comes along with it.

 In a statement to Variety, Jain said that “It was my biggest desire to find a way to tell a story by which a sixth grader can tell you how a smartphone is made – from the mines of Congo to a technology store. I wanted to find a way to express the multiplicity and the polyphony of the world we live in today in a technological, scientific and political manner. I mean, I thought, what else would there be a better way to do it than to go straight to the belly of the beast – talk about something that every one of us has in their pocket…It is a geopolitical ‘sci no fi’ series. We’re hinting at themes of cyber war, space war, balance of imperialist power shifts from the West to the East and the culmination o he most used technological device in any species in history – the mobile phone. And the slavery at the base of it. We carry a piece of slavery in our pockets. All of us are complicit. And also, the implosion of the individual through the social media landscape.”

Alright, so it’s not Dumb and Dumber; Falling Star is set to unveil multiple storylines which will all eventually converge and all with the intent of shining a light on just how very dependent as a whole our civilization has become to smartphones. Whatever your thoughts on this subject, it is nigh undeniable that this tech has forever altered how we all interact with one another, and not always for the better.

 Stay tuned to Vents for any and all updates on Rahul Jain’s sure to be controversial new series Falling Star!

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