Stimulus’ “On The Low” Offers a Nuanced Perspective

“On The Low” shows Stimulus back in his bag. Helmed by FR!ZZ on the production, the catchy track puts Stimulus’ eclecticism front and center. His perception is layered in a way that shows off the measured pen and wit of a veteran artist who has put in his 10,000 hours. This is an unforgiving, ill-tempered game, but Stimulus wants you to know he’s steadily working and cool in the pocket; he’s onto you whether you know it or not.

One of Omaha, Nebraska’s dopest spitters, Stimulus had this to say about the record: “It’s a tongue-in-cheek type anthem feel where I’m venting about my personal experience with women and different situations in general. With a touch of me talking shit…At the same time, it’s about being able to learn from situations 3rd hand, and 1st hand. I’ve always been very aware in that sense, so it’s something I’m constantly doing. It’s really structured to have a certain degree of silly tongue-in-cheek ignorance, with a serious undertone that has an actual meaning. While also being an expression of myself in a moment…”

This is an independent touring artist who continues to put the time in and build his platform. He’s calculated, self-sufficient, and delivering fire records that continue to showcase he’s ready and willing to apply pressure for the foreseeable future.

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