How to choose the right sex dolls?

How to select the best sex doll? Buying a doll may be a pain, particularly for a first-time buyer. Here’s something to address the commonly asked questions about purchasing a realistic sex doll.

With so many choices accessible online, how do you select your ideal sex doll? What are the components to evaluate? Any tips for avoiding traps.  And what spending plan should someone follow? We have compiled all of our responses in this post to help anyone who want to buy realistic or anime sex dolls.

How to choose?

Anyone investigating the love dolls industry should realize that there are presently two types of dolls: silicone molded dolls and TPE dolls. Material selection is important, depending on your budget and tastes.

Besides the material chosen, the doll’s internal metal skeleton should be of high quality, mad on modern designs and robust. This internal skeleton ensures the authenticity of your sex doll’s seductive postures. The various joints create a silicone doll for your enjoyment.


The appropriate budget relies mostly on the material chosen. For a genuine doll in high-quality silicone, the budget may easily exceed $8,000 to $10,000 while a budget doll in TPE can cost less than $2,000. Note that whichever material you select, you will have the opportunity to personalize your love doll: her skin color choice, eyes, hairstyle, accessories and other interactive features for certain more sophisticated dolls.

Once you’ve answered two basic questions (material and budget), you may then continue with model selection: body and face.


At first look, your doll’s face may appear the obvious focus. We advise you differently. Before committing yourself on choosing a beautiful face, you must be mindful that each model has a detachable head and is thus changeable. And for TPE dolls, alternatives are available for a few hundred dollars. Therefore, you may swap heads if you wish. Therefore, body selection must be your first concern.

Body and Dimensions

The good news is that the market is full with silicone love dolls with a broad variety of sizes. The bad news is that there are too many choices to choose form. Making decision-making more troublesome.

Doll height index starts from 140 cm to around 170 cm with different breast sizes, hips, buttocks choices. It will rely on your capacity to open up to your dreams and imagine yourself with the doll of the desired body size. If in doubt, call your dealer and study the numerous reviews accessible online to verify the best option for you. Buying a sex doll is a long term investment, every aspect of selection matters from choosing skin tones (whether Pale, European or Tanned) to a large selection of nail polish color.

Face and Looks

As stated above, the face may be chosen separately, irrespectively of the body. If you opt to swap heads, be sure that the skin tone of your sex doll’s face matches the skin color of the body you’d have selected. Body and skin color are adjustable.

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