Gustavo Geraldes; Entrepreneurialism and the Desire for Knowledge

Gustavo Geraldes, Home Sales Club founder shares his struggles in becoming an entrepreneur while overcoming the balance of work and personal life. He tells of how managing his time became problematic and was a large obstacle he had to face in order to become successful. Additionally, he expressed how mental health became a cause he wanted to become more involved in as it was something he realized was important to maintain through his journey.
Gustavo offers some tips and tricks that he utilizes to stay motivated and dedicated during times of adversity. One thing that he mentions to help stay focused is to understand your “why”. He claims that it will be the strongest reason that most entrepreneurs begin the journey initially, but often lose sight of and that recalling this “why” is essential. The simple desire for money is not going to be the motivation behind being successful, but rather the passion for the direct will. As he explains, when he was a kid he would watch his parents work around the clock to provide for his family and his goal quickly became being able to help his parents retire as they selflessly sacrificed so much for them to live comfortably.
In addition to knowing your “why”, Gustavo shares his typical day to day life. He says he wakes up early, usually before 7am with the sun rising. He says that sleeping with the blinds opens makes it easier to wake up without an alarm. He says that sitting and watching the sunrise while checking e-mails gives him clarity and allows him the opportunity to strategize how he will map out his day. After he gathers information on the priorities for the day he goes to the sauna or steam room, then showers and then has breakfast. After breakfast, he begins with his list of things to do in order of most important to least. He makes time to work with a personal trainer in the afternoon in order to maintain his health and says 3-4 times a week he will go for a six mile walk or jog in the early evenings.
When he isn’t working, he says he loves furthering his knowledge. He explains that he loves learning and reading and staying on top of latest trends and technological advancements. Gustavo additionally mentions that he enjoys trying different cuisines and new restaurants. Growing up near the ocean in Portugal, he expresses that his love for the ocean remains strong and he tries to spend as much time on the beach or boating as he can. He also enjoys hiking and traveling and takes as many trips as he can fit into his schedule to explore new places. One venture he is looking forward to is summiting Mount Whitney which stands at 14.5 thousand feet and hopes to embark on that journey in the summer.
Amongst his busy work schedule, he does his best to maintain being active outside in order to keep the balance between work and leisure and mentions that it is vital to figure out balance.

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