Interview – Yvenet Belle Fleur aka Papooche

Hey Papooche, how you doing today?

I’m doing fine, thanks.

Where are you from?

The Caribbean Island of Haiti!

Can you give me your background and how you got into modeling?

When I was 5 years old I first started piano lessons. From there I went on to give my first formal performance when I was just nine years old. Throughout my childhood and schooling years, I was always a big fan of and excelled in the arts and sports. After college, I eventually found modeling to be my thing and passion and I’ve stuck with it.

What did sports do to help you in your modeling career?

To be straightforward it taught me the right mindset. Playing sports made me mentally and physically prepared to pursue a tough career in modeling.

Where did you start your modeling career?

I started in my home country of Haiti. But I’ve since gone international and have gotten recognition from across the world.

Anything else you’d like to say?

Just that I’m here to stay, I plan to push my modeling career as far as possible. Follow my journey on my Instagram!

Follow Papooche on Instagram: @papooche

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