Emerging Technologies Making Their Way Into The Mainstream

Thanks to the difficulties of 2020, technological innovations have kicked into overdrive. As 2021 continues to progress, businesses and technology experts are beginning to make predictions for the technological innovations that have hit the market but have not yet reached mainstream use. We wanted to gain insight into the IT and tech industries, so we talked to some experts in the industry to find out which of the latest technological trends can be predicted to gain mainstream popularity in the near future. 

Human Microchip Implants

While still emerging, RFID technology is not a new form of technology. Microchips have been used for many years from tracking medical information to tracking lost family pets. As technology continues to get closer to our bodies, from smartwatches on our wrists and earbuds in our ears, could microchips possibly get any closer, such as under our skin? Recently, microchip implants were inserted inside the human body, serving as unique lifetime identifiers (ULIs).

Some experts have long expressed doubts about human microchip implants and whether they are appropriate for use in humans. On the other hand, others have talked about the future of micro-chipping and expressed excitement, with the likelihood of it becoming commonplace in the near future. ”It may sound far-fetched, but I could see human microchip implants become mainstream in the not too distant future. The microchips would contain a unique ID number that would link to external databases to help make our everyday lives easier and more convenient”, said Craig Beam of MicroXpress.

Beam also said, ”Doctors would instantly have your entire medical history at their fingertips. Passwords, keys, event tickets and even cash / credit cards would become a thing of the past. Traveling would become a breeze and you’d never have to wait in another line. Many of these things can already be accomplished with smartphones and watches. It doesn’t seem like too far of a leap to think consumers would be willing to take the next step towards digital convenience.”

Quantum-Based Computing

Advances in quantum-based computing have been in the experimental stage for many years, but there is anticipation that this type of technology will begin to be commercialized for businesses and organizations. There is anticipation that quantum-based computing will be one of the most disruptive technologies in computing in the future. 

”I think quantum-based computing will change the world as we know it. It’s been making strides slowly but surely and once we break that barrier, it will have a far-reaching impact on almost every industry. Think all your security encryptions can be broken in minutes, Crypto mining will be so much easier and Deep learning/AI-based models will be much faster”, said Ashu Singhal of Orion Networks

Many AI programs will have the ability to work quicker, harder, and smarter if supported by quantum computers. For many businesses and organizations, there has already been a transition to quantum computers. 

Augmented Reality Glasses

In 2020 and 2021, many businesses and organizations saw their workplaces get smaller, with the growth of virtual collaboration tools. The recent year was a major year for remote work, as communication and collaboration tools became a replacement for expensive office space. Advances in Augmented Reality (AR) will take remote work capabilities to greater heights by virtually catapulting workers into the physical office space. 

AR glasses will bring a new twist to MBWA or Genchi Genbutsu. There is no better way to explain an opportunity or issue to your team than to show them. Managers, Technicians and Engineers will utilize AR glasses to show the problem, out on the plant floor, rather than try to explain it with words. ”Need an extra set of hands? Utilize AR glasses to display a technical manual while you dive deep into your repair. Picking products from the warehouse, utilize the scanner in the AR glasses to check items into the shipment and out of inventory, said Mark Veldhoff, CEO/Owner of Envizion IT.

Electric Vehicles

Despite the ongoing impact of the coronavirus pandemic and the ensuing economic slowdown, the outlook for electric vehicles has not seemed to change. There is still anticipation that electric vehicles are still on pace to be one of the next mainstream technology innovations. 

”Electric vehicles will be the next technology to go mainstream shortly followed by full autonomous electric vehicles.  This may be a bit off the typical Tech space but by many accounts, the Tech in Tesla vehicles is far and above anything else available.  Tesla is also the first manufacturer to offer something close to full autonomous driving”, said Joe Cannata of Techsperts, LLC.

”If we want to stay narrowed in the typical tech space, the next thing to change the game will be 5G and wireless technologies.  Gone will be the days of running Cat6 cables since the speeds once associated with such cables will be outpaced by those of wireless technologies.  These new wireless technologies will further untether workers from the office, especially for those who rely on LOB apps that require physical server connections”, added Cannata.

Encrypted Personal Hard Drives and Flash Drives

As cybercrime continues to rise and the actions by cybercriminals become more sophisticated, businesses, organizations, and consumers are all looking for more improved ways to protect themselves. Developers are constantly being challenged to stay ahead of cybercriminals, especially when it comes to protecting users’ security. One of the ways developers are attempting to stay ahead of the game is by building solutions that can keep data encrypted and secure. 

”The number one technology that will need to hit mainstream acceptance to control the loss of data through hacking, is encrypted personal hard drives and flash drives.  Most computer users have no idea how easy it is to extract private information from a laptop, external hard drive or USB flash drive”, said Matt Bullock, VP of Technical Sales at Accelera IT Solutions.

”Technologies such as Microsoft Windows Bit Locker, which has been around for many years, still has not risen to the level it should be due to the average user thinking that their basic password is enough to protect their data.   Until personal data encryption is taken seriously and a part of every storage device, we will continue to see the proliferation of easy data hacks with information being sold on the dark web,” added Bullock.

Based on expert opinions and industry knowledge, we think these technology innovations will have a major impact in the near future. What innovations are you looking forward to experiencing in the future? 

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