10 Best Online Courses to Study C Programming

There are many key points why C programming should be fundamental for all computing specialists, consequently this explains its high popularity among newbie programmers. Almost all popular languages such as Python, Ruby, Java, and JavaScript are built-in C code libraries. Literally, everyone who wants to succeed in front, back, and full-stack development should learn the C language as soon as possible.

Free live classes gained maximum actuality during widespread cases of lock-downs. Studying C programming online, everyone can enrich their skills to apply in a computing science career without extra investments. Unlike other expensive offline courses, you don’t need to ask your peers, “please, do my C++ homework,” because studying online, you learn to find solutions independently. So, welcome to read the following list of best online courses on C language. 

1. C Programming on Great Learning Academy

This incredible course is represented for enrolling those who need to prepare for interviews. The great benefit is free access to 20 hours of lectures. Passing them helps students understand practical concepts on how to apply them in technical tasks. Mentor explains such C fundamentals as practical programs, structure, pointers, basic algorithms, conditional branching, loops, hardware, software, preprocessor directives, user-defined functions, recursion, searching, sorting arrays, input, and output options. 

2. C Programming For Beginners – Master the C Language on Udemy

Udemy platform covers a wide range of courses on C language, but especially this one is advantageous for newbie programmers. Here you’ll get 17 classes including 137 sub-lectures, in a total time of 24 hours and three minutes. The cost of this online course is $13.99, for which you get lifetime access to knowledge represented in this course. You will understand how to utilize arrays and functions, determine different data types and variables, control flow such as iteration and decision statements, and define the concept of the pointer. 

3. Introductory C Programming Specialization on Coursera

Offered by Duke University, this specialization will help you apply knowledge to practice and build your first project using Monte Carlo simulation. With this course, you will learn to solve any difficulties in C programming. Your instructors will lead you through interaction with the system, memory management, arrays, pointers, and recursion. You will write, run, and fix your code confidently. The payment conditions are very motivational: learn as fast as possible because you have free access only during the 7-days trial period. The quicker you go, the more you save because next, you need to pay $49 per month and proceed to learn after the trial ends.

4. Learning C on LinkedIn

It is beneficial to learn coding on one of the biggest professional social media platforms. Passing this course, you have expanded opportunities to find a better job by showing a LinkedIn Learning Certificate in your profile. Potential employers will see that you’ve completed the course at the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA), passed the exam with a score of at least 70%, and earn CPE credits. It will cost up to $40 to buy the course with perpetual access or start a trial month for free with a monthly payment of $40. 

5. C Programming Tutorials on YouTube

This is one of the most popular ways to enhance knowledge of C programming for free. Watch 58 videos, eight minutes each on average, and find out anything you need to start coding in C language. Learn how to cope with variables, create files, get inputs, manage calculations, make decisions using if statements, loop sequence of instructions, and many other actions. 

6. C Programming Courses on edX

It isn’t easy to highlight specific courses on C programming at edX because they complement each other. You can upgrade computer engineering skills by learning C and Linux or studying more about embedded systems. This will help you to dive into the design fundamentals of a real-time operating system (RTOS) and get a basic understanding of how to build a Bluetooth network in this hands-on project-based online program.

7. C Programming Language Fundamentals on Pluralsight

With this course on Pluralsight, you will learn everything you need to become a productive C programmer. When your goal is to build a foundation for C++ or Java or find out more about embedded programming, this course will give you solid ground and show you that C is an excellent choice among other languages.

8. Learn C from Scratch on Educative

This simple, still powerful course will let you fly between programming operations and solve any task on C programming with ease. You can pass this course for free or join the Educative platform for $9.99 per month to enroll in more classes. Practice as you learn with a live integrated development environment inside your browser. Also, you can progress at your own pace by reading extended explanations on each topic. 

With this course, you will know how to manage memory issues, debugging, and develop parallel programming. This program contains 17 topics with 103 lessons, 11 quizzes, 107 playgrounds, 104 illustrations, and six challenges inside. 

9. C Programming In Windows on Skillshare

Get an explanation of everything you need to advance your C programming skills. All videos represented in this course are designed to make you a pro. Here you will gain experience to manually use the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) compiler, which is crucial to cope with the following more complicated concepts. This level is suitable for beginners in programming. 

10. C Programming Tutorial for Beginners

This video is an excellent idea for those who want to know everything in just four hours. Install text editor, use C compiler, and write some basic code with Mike from Giraffe Academy. With this extended tutorial, you will understand how the program works, and the different types of data you can create in C language. 

Wrapping Up

As every language has its advantages and disadvantages, C programming gives a great understanding of concepts laid in more new coding tools. This tool stays extremely useful for modern developers, so consider studying it thoroughly. We hope these ten online courses will open for you a great path to your further career achievements.

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