Why should you visit Iceland during the Off-season?

Iceland, located between Europe and North America, is a stunningly beautiful mountainous island nation in the Atlantic Ocean. It attracts travel aficionados to enjoy its breathtaking landscapes and the midnight sun of the brief sub-arctic summer spanning between May to mid-September.  Just as any popular vacation destination, exploring Iceland during the peak season can be quite expensive. But that does not mean that budget travelers can’t explore and soak in everything wonderful Iceland has to offer.

What most travelers are not aware of is that there is a time of the year where you can have as much fun as possible while saving big on your travel expenses. I would recommend Myflightsearch If you are looking to save, plan your visit somewhere around March and April. These are the months when you don’t have to face the extreme Icelandic winter, plus escape expensive airfares and hotel rates that comes with the hordes of summer travelers visiting the country

Here’s a list of reasons why you should consider booking your flight tickets for the off-season.

Get a chance to view the wonders of the Northern lights, aurora borealis

One of the main reasons why you need to visit Iceland during the winter is, you get to experience the enchanting Northern Lights/Aurora Borealis. During the summer months, the sun does not set in this region, leading to bright sub-Arctic nights, which does not allow even the slightest probability of viewing the Northern lights. Though it is an unpredictable natural phenomenon which is not guaranteed even during winters, however, the chances are high as compared to summers. The best part is, since it’s the offseason, flights and airfares are cheaper.

Access to cheap airfare and accommodation

The best thing about opting for an off-season to any destination is that there is a fair chance of getting cheap flight tickets and accommodation prices.  With the increase in the number of visitors in Iceland, during the peak season, everything becomes much more expensive, be it airfares, hotels, tours, or rentals. And if the booking is done in advance, you might be able to grab some fantastic cheap airfare deals to Iceland during the off-season. In a nutshell, the Iceland vacation can be more affordable than you can imagine in off-seasons than the peak time.

Get to enjoy the Icelandic winter festivals

If you are planning to visit during the month of January, apart from the breathtaking natural beauty, you will also get to be a part of the exciting Porrablot- the mid-winter feast. This winter festival is an excellent chance to soak in the rich culture, tradition and history of this Island nation.  You surely enjoy relishing traditional delicacies of this region as well as savor some really adventurous delicacies, including the air-dried fish, scorched sheep’s heads, fermented sharks, and much more. Apart from this cultural extravaganza, you get an opportunity to attend Iceland Airwaves, which is a popular music festival in Iceland. This is one of the huge events in Iceland, which is usually held in November each year. It is something that you would like to include in your bucket list in addition to your usual travel agendas if you plan to visit during the late fall season. Since very few travelers visit around this time, you will surely find cheap airline tickets as well as many discounted hotel rooms.

Winter season features less-crowd

Off seasons means fewer tourists around, which also means, you get to enjoy the magical beauty of this place in its full glory plus saving big on airplane tickets. For those who love photography, this is the perfect time to click undeniably beautiful pictures of the Icelandic magical without getting worried about the endless numbers of people in the background.

Winter snow adds a magical touch to the entire landscape

For those who admire nature, wintertime adds an out-of-the-world charm to the already scenic landscapes of Iceland. The blend of cold and wintery blue light, snowy white-mountains and delicate sub-Arctic vegetation comprising vibrant green mosses create magic. The experience you get out of this incredible combination is worth it.

Enjoy the best Skiing and Snowboarding experience

If you are a snow sports lover and enjoy skiing or snowboarding, then visiting Iceland during the off-season can be a good option. Iceland is lesser-known, or not as popular as many other famous skiing destinations in Europe. But this makes it a preferable spot to pursue your desire of skiing or snowboarding, because of the less number of tourists around. Dalvík, the small fishing town, is the unofficial home of skiing and snowboarding in Iceland, with many skilled winter sports athletes originating from here. It offers a perfect set up to indulge in these sports and have fun.

Winters are the best time to explore Ice Caves

If you wish to explore Iceland’s majestic ice cave, the winter season promises to offer you the best surreal experience. Between November and March, you can plan and book an adventure tour of Katla ice cave, located inside the Kötlujökull glacier. Exploring Vatnajökull-the largest glacier in Iceland, or Langjökull –the second-largest glacier in Iceland is also a thrilling indulgence that is possible during the winter months.

Contribution towards slowing down of over-tourism issue in Iceland

For many conservationists, winter or off-season is the preferred time to visit Iceland.  It is one of the ways to contribute towards reducing the over-tourism concern in Iceland, during the peak tourism months. The increasing number of visitors in Iceland, flocking from all around the world during the peak months, impacts the quintessential natural aura of Iceland.  You can contribute to preserving the ecological balance in this region by choosing an off-season time to visit.

Keeping in mind all these points, you can plan a budget-friendly vacation trip to Iceland during the off-season and enjoy the countless deals on Iceland airline tickets.

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