WFH 101: Tips on How to Create the Best Work from Home Setup

Working from home has become the new norm as everyone has to stay indoors to control the spread of the virus. Even though it has already been more than a year since the pandemic started, it seems that we have entered a new and inescapable era for our professional lives. Now that company executives realise that it is possible to conduct meetings remotely, there is no denying that the work from home setup is here to stay with us.

Being productive is one of the challenges you have to face when working from home. The house has always been our escape from work and other business, so bringing your professional life to your home can be a massive adjustment. Still, this does not mean that you cannot separate your professional and domestic life when working from home. The key is to have that traditional office setup to minimise distractions and focus on work only. Here, we provided you with the best tips on how you can create an office setup for the best work from home experience!

Establish a dedicated working space.

To completely separate your working area from other matters, you need to establish a dedicated working space. Whether it is a small area or a whole room does not matter as long as you dedicate that area to work alone. If you are looking to transform a corner of your bedroom into a working station, make sure you separate that spot from your sleeping or relaxing area. Ensure as well that the location you choose has good lighting. Optimal lighting is crucial for boosting productivity and keeping a relaxing atmosphere, so do not forget to consider that.

Clean and declutter the area.

It is hard to focus if your office environment is not neat and tidy. A cluttered working space can also cause more stress and anxiety. After finding a dedicated working space, the next step is to clean and declutter the area. Throw away those items that you no longer need. Remember, the goal is to have a light atmosphere that is conducive to working. The fewer stuff you have in your line of sight, the fewer distractions and the more you can focus on work.

If you cannot discard your precious items, you can hide them by putting them in storage. Consider renting a storage facility near you to free up as much space as possible, not just in your working area but also in the whole house. During the whole decluttering process, it is likely to create a mess and you may feel that you don’t have the energy to do any cleaning, you can hire a professional cleaning service to wrap up the day without you being completely drained of energy.  If you live in a busy place such as Brighton, you are lucky because several self storage solutions in Brighton are easily accessible online.

Invest in a good table and chair.

Your comfort should also be a priority when creating a work from home setup. Invest in a good set of tables and chairs that have good support. Make sure that the height of the chair and table are at the right level so you can maintain good posture. Consider buying a highly adjustable chair to personalise it better. The office chair material also matters, especially if you are sweaty or your skin is sensitive. Check this article about choosing the right kind of office chair if you are planning to buy one.

Organise your workspace.

Having an organised office setup can help improve focus and boost productivity. Not to mention, it can make your home office look professional. Designate areas on your table for different office supplies like paper, books, stationery, pens, etc. You can arrange these office supplies using clever office storage ideas such as a file organiser, file storage box, desk racks, folder racks, and mesh desk organisers. You can also decorate your desk with figurines or indoor plants to add to that relaxing atmosphere you want to achieve.

Make sure you have a stable internet connection.

With virtual meetings and video calls being the new norm for today’s professional setup, having a strong internet connection becomes a must. You would not want to disconnect or sound choppy or robotic when you are having a presentation. Having a poor internet connection is also frustrating in general. If you have a good internet connection, but your main Wi-Fi router is too far from your working station, consider getting a WiFi repeater. A WiFi repeater basically re-broadcasts the WiFi signal to another area, thereby extending the range of your home WiFi.

Use a planner or a scheduling app.

  Being organised is not limited to your office environment. You are prone to distraction when working from home, so make sure you become also organised with your tasks and schedule. Invest in a planner where you can list down your tasks and deadlines. These planners may be in the form of a notebook or a board that you can hang on a wall. 

You can also add sticky notes, so you can better keep track of your pending tasks. If you do not like the idea of manually writing down work assignments, you can use an online calendar app on your computer. Scheduling applications such as Google Calendar and Trello can help you efficiently manage your workload.

The best way to adapt to a new change is to embrace it. There is a big possibility that the work from home setup is here to stay, so better welcome it by creating the best home office setup!

Shahbaz Ahmed
Author: Shahbaz Ahmed

My name is Shahbaz Ahmed. I am author on Ventsmagazine. For any business query, you can contact me at [email protected]

About Shahbaz Ahmed

My name is Shahbaz Ahmed. I am author on Ventsmagazine. For any business query, you can contact me at [email protected]

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