Rise through the Ranks: How to Get Real Followers

Building an online presence for your brand isn’t always an easy task, especially if you’re new to the platform. While using bots or buying followers might boost your follower count, you’ll never really get the engagement your brand so desperately needs to grow. 

If you’re looking for proven ways to promote your account or brand and get real followers on your page, you can employ the Vervebook Facebook growth service to get the engagement you desire. This way, you can reach out to your target audience and help build a reputable brand. 

However, there are other tricks you should know if you want to keep boosting your follower count. These tricks also help you keep them active on your page. Here are some of the tips you should know;

1. Post consistently and choose a brand aesthetic

Followers enjoy seeing fresh content on their feed. It is up to you to give them what they need. A follower can lose interest in your page if you rarely post anything there. To keep your existing followers engaged and attract more, post frequently.

While posting, give your content a unique style. The aesthetic of your page could draw more followers to you and make it easier for them to identify you. With this, you slowly build an online presence and have followers associate your brand with its unique style.

2. Write compelling captions

Followers are mainly on your page because they seek engagement. With compelling captions, you can reach out to them on a personal level and start up a conversation they’ve been willing to have. A good caption is also a way to sell your brand and have followers understand what you’re fully about.

Get creative when writing your caption: use emojis to make it more appealing and expressive, throw a question that they can answer, tell jokes to keep it fun, try out different caption lengths to tell them stories. All these boost engagements on your page and attract more followers.

3. Respond to as many comments as possible

Most times, followers love a one-on-one conversation. To give them that satisfaction; reply to their comments, answer their questions, show appreciation when they give a compliment. This way, they don’t feel like the conversation is one-sided.

4.Use the relevant hashtags

For most social networks’ users, hashtags are a way to find out what’s trending and what they’re most interested in. Using the right hashtags will act as a marketing strategy to expose your brand to your preferred audience.

You should also include a personal hashtag – one associated with your brand. This way, you can form an online community by having your followers use the hashtag and gain more visibility through it.

5.Optimize your bio and profile

To gain the interest of potential followers, you’d need an appealing bio and profile. They can’t possibly begin to scroll through all your posts to get an idea of your brand identity, so your bio is where you introduce your brand.

To get a potential follower to click on that follow button, you’d need an interesting bio. Here are some things you should do;

· Upload a clear and attractive profile image

· Include a link to your frequent post in your bio

·  Introduce your brand in a simple – yet fun way.

Bottom line

You can never have too many followers. They are the backbone of your brand. So, offering them what they need to stay active should be your priority.

You must know that boosting your follower count is a process and it requires a lot of patience. All you need to do is to stay consistent.

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