Here’s how Ray Knowledge fuses arts and philanthropy

 Some artists aim to entertain their audience, achieve fame, or revel in their status. Others have much deeper goals. Instead of resting on their fame, they want to use their visibility for the greater good and achieve something more profound with their work. It’s the case of Ray Knowledge. He is more than a filmmaker, a natural-born storyteller with a passion for reaching out to people. In addition to that, Ray wants to be a true game-changer in his community and wants to do whatever it takes to be a part of something positive happening in the world.

Ray has vowed to do work that feels positive, dynamic, and direct to stay true to this dream of his. Many films out there are shallow with stories and content that don’t promote anything positive or worth supporting. For this reason, he decided that he was going to do just the opposite. Inspirational meaning is the heartbeat of Ray’s work, and his projects aim to help people stay motivated and perhaps, even gain a broader perspective on life. Ray Knowledge reminds us that we are all connected, and even though we might not think that we matter, we can all make a fantastic contribution to the world by simply being decent people and doing our part to make others’ lives better. How do we do it? Ray Knowledge is showing us the way by expressing how changing your attitude through life can be a massive shift. Instead of succumbing to doubt and darkness, Ray managed to stay focused on his goals. Eventually, he managed to turn his energy towards very positive endeavours, such as making great music and supporting philanthropic causes that he deeply cares about.

For instance, he recently teamed up with his wife and co-founder Latrisha Anderson to birth a new entity: Visionful Communities. Their goal is to help other entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations, and companies in the process of achieving their goals and create a viable career in the eCommerce world, something that drives both of their passion. Many aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners often find themselves without any form of support. Usually, this means that their endeavours might not survive their early stages, leading these people to sadly abandon their dreams and struggle through life, without the possibility to feel free and prosperous doing what they want to do. Ray isn’t just helping these people tell their stories; he’s contributing to their success with actionable resources with an organization that feels like a collaborative support network for business people from all walks of life.

Ray is ultimately a perfect example of what it means to be a selfless artist who doesn’t just care about his success but fully understands that strength is in numbers. If one of us fails, we all fail, while if one of us succeeds, we all do. Success isn’t a person climbing over the top of the hill: it’s about getting there and holding out your hand to help the next one up.

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