Jonas Muthoni Challenges Digital Marketing Professionals with Unconventional Methods

Jonas Muthoni, Founder and CEO of Deviate Agency, is a known connoisseur regarding the use of unconventional tactics.  The same applies to his local and global teams of passionate and driven digital marketing professionals. This love for experimentation and desire to deliver exceptional results drives him to constantly evolve and create winning methods for his business and provide best-in-class results for the agency’s clients. 

In this article, we will see how Jonas has got great results using these out-of-the-box unconventional methods.

Jonas leads his team to continuously evolves their way of thinking, and together they develop unique ideas for running the agency. He has assembled a stellar global network of remote employees. This network allows him to bring diverse ideas and points of view to the agency. It also allows him to provide diverse solutions to their clients.

Fast growth goes against the grain of what many digital marketing specialists today believe. Deviate agency focuses on e-commerce optimization strategies to meet the growing demand for competitive marketing in the digital marketplace, leading to the agency’s exponential growth.

Digital marketing is an ever-changing space. To succeed, today’s marketing specialists must learn to constantly adapt to stay on pace with innovations in communication and advertising; this is where the deviate team excels. This team excels at creating unique and cutting-edge campaigns and advertisements for their clients, which keeps them coming back because of their results. Jonas is also an inspiration to other marketing professionals in Los Angeles, the U.S., and worldwide.

Traditional digital marketing professionals believe growth is a slow process.  Jonas has proven this is untrue.  He has been able to prove that time is not a factor in business growth. Jonas recently launched his website, and within a couple of months, it is already gaining and continues to grow.

There are not many digital agencies that offer a one-stop-shop suite of services like Deviate agency does. This has allowed rapid growth and especially in the wake of the pandemic. The agency’s focus on search engine optimization (SEO) has also contributed to its success. The agency also offers resources like writing guest posts, producing syndicated content, developing or enhancing resource pages, and creating or leveraging forums.

Muthoni’s mindset and the culture he has created have allowed his clients to succeed. He worked as a Senior Analyst in Sales Operations for Verizon Wireless. The experience taught him how to make win-win situations between a company and its clients. It also led him how to work successfully as a team. The remote team he has assembled has allowed his business to proliferate. He sees Deviate as a way of life and not just a brand. The “deviate” style of thinking he created has helped him excel. He believes that it is not about uncontrollable circumstances but how you choose to let them affect you. That mindset allows his agency to find creative ways for brands to communicate to their audience. Jonas also believes in giving back to his community. He has served as a member of the Breast Cancer Board over the last four years and says it is what he is most proud of.

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