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In the COVID 19 pandemic, the situation has a deep influence or impression on the economy of Spain along with the survival flows and movements of the companies. In order to shield both the lives as well as the livelihoods. Plus, in this situation, the public along with the private sector leaders need to act quickly with a coordinated effort of each other. All the countries across the world are in unknown regions because of the emergence with the rapid spread of the COVID 19 pandemic has touched every aspect of the society that too negatively plus the balance of the generous crisis has been coordinated by the general economic disruption. 

All the big companies that had been driving the years of fair economic expansion in Spain, which is around 2.6 percent annual GDP growth from the year 2013 to the year 2019 had to exactly throw out the current strategies plus in addition to this they have to rapidly adopt the new business strategies along with the new business models. Plus, all the big businesses need to take all the required measures to survive the recession or this movement flow. It is also been said that there is a great negative impact on workers as well as consumers that have been similarly tense.

It is been said that the experience of Spain has been reflected that of its European equivalents. Plus, the complete lockdown across the nation that began in the month of March 2020 has brought the daily life of the humans into a halt. In addition, the Public gatherings were also being paused or canceled straight forward. 

Students are also been in their homes for almost 2 years now. Businesses of all sizes be it the big business or be it the small business had to close or suffer from the growing uncertainty about their workings because it is been seen that Spain is restarting its economy.

Restarting the economy in Spain must address a dual imperative

1. The first imperative of restarting the economy is to safeguard both lives along with their livelihoods. However, in order to succeed at this imperative, people must first craft an effective as well as efficient policy that could stimulate the recovery and decrease the financial impact on the individuals as well as business.

2. Secondly the other imperative of restarting the economy is to use this crisis to analyze the change plus to rethink about the basic and primary structure of the big companies, sectors, as well as the overall economy.

The effects of the COVID 19 pandemic on the economic well-being of Spain is going through five lenses. The following are the five lenses:

1. The starting point of the economy of the Spain is immediately before the pandemic.

2. The impact of the COVID 19 pandemic is that the crisis may have on different sectors, even on the government sectors.

3. The acceleration of the latest business trends is likely to develop as the next normal.

4. The need for the public sector as well as the private sector measures to encourage recovery of the economy of Spain. 

5. By building a shared perception of the outlines of this challenge. Spain believes that it can push the movement of the country to the next normal.

There is always the ability of the country be it the pandemic that depends greatly on the fiscal state of its public sector, businesses, as well as the household. In the almost past ten years in Spain’s previous financial emergency or we can say that the disasters. The businesses showed a significantly lower deficit when the same is compared with the same in the year 2007. It is also been said that the Spanish households also always try to reduce their debt levels during this covid 19 pandemic period. 

The big, as well as famous companies, had a better pre-crisis starting point. There are the major warning signs that should be seen and pointed out while administering the current crisis:

1. It is been said that the economy of Spain is more dependent on tourism than any of the other European economies. Tourism gives up to 14. 3 percent of GDP growth in Spain but when the same is compared with other European countries tourism is around just 9.5 percent of the GDP growth, which may be greatly influenced by the restrictions generated by COVID-19. As per the experts, it is been said that Spain is less dependent on heavy industry, which is almost 12 percent of GDP growth but when the same is compared with other European countries tourism is around 16 percent of the GDP growth where even the professional, as well as any kind of the scientific activities, is just 9 percent of GDP growth but when the same is compared with other European countries tourism is around 12 percent of the GDP growth.

2. It is also been noticed that the Spanish business majorly relies heavily on small and medium-sized enterprises, which is almost around 47 percent of the Spanish workforce is in companies.

3. The economy of Spain now has more liquidity and capital than it had in earlier days.

The tax year in Spain generally starts from January 1st to December 31st. Moreover, the Spanish tax returns are required to be filed as well as paid between the 2nd of May to 30th of June. plus, this tax can be calculated with the help of the Beckham law Spain calculator.

The Spanish tax system for general people is officially composed of two personal income taxes and that can be easily calculated with the Beckham law Spain calculator. The first category of income tax in Spain is known as PIT. moreover, on the other hand, another category of income tax in Spain is known as NRIT, which is for the persons who do not reside in Spain. Plus, all these can be calculated with the Beckham law Spain calculator.

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