Where are Milestar tires made

 Milestar is a tire-making company that is the brand of the Nankang. It is one of the established tire making companies in Taiwan, Taipei. They have been manufacturing tires since 1959. Apart from the passenger car tires Milestar manufactures ATVs (all-terrain vehicles) and UTVs (utility terrain vehicles). Tireco company in the USA is the distributor of tires.

The quality of the Milestar tire is excellent for your vehicles. If you are looking for one good-quality and cheaper tire Milestar tires are a good choice. How can we trust the Milestar? Why should we buy the tires? These are the questions that arise in the mind of the person and it is valid because you are investing your money in it.

 In this topic I am discussing where Milestar tires are made. Why do we consider buying a tire? Here are why you should trust them for the ride:

 What is the Reason to trust Milestar tires?

 For the high quality and reasonable price, Milestar is the best choice. Here are the reasons to buy them and use them without any worries:

  • Customer comfort.
  •  Price.
  •  Endurance.
  •  Sustainability.


  Customer comfort:

Customer satisfaction/comfort is the top most priority for any company. Who should want to pay more for things? They always want to pay less and gain more.

Milestar tires come with a warranty of 50,000-mile tread-wear. The Milestar MS932 approximately goes to 55,000-mile tread -wear. It is better than any other companies. There is no such loss in buying Milestar tires, they are affordable for any one and the sense of satisfaction that your money is not wasted at all is achievable as compared to focusoilfilter tires. They can offer a 30-day ride guarantee and if the customer is not satisfied they can also return them.


The price is the most important factor to buy a thing. Milestar tires give you the lease at their price with high-quality products. If your budget is tight and you want to buy a tire Milestar is a good choice. 

Their high performance and ultra-high-performance tires are low in the budget as compared to the other tire making company. The price is 30-50$ lower and the entire set is provided at this price. Their prices make them the best participant in the budget market.


Milestar provides the balance control to the driver with the Milestar tires the endurance of the vehicle is increased. Milestar has a Radial tire which gives stability to the vehicles.

Tread provides traction to the tires which helps the vehicle to form a grip when they are on the road and allows the vehicle to maintain balance on a rough road as well as on the slippery road. 

Siping is also present in the tread that allows the brakes to be applied properly on a wet road and prevent any kind of hazardous situation.


Drivers mostly prefer tires with long sustainability because changing tires often is not easy at all. Sometimes you are on a long journey and you don’t have any proper materials to change the tires so a tire with long sustainability is considered.

Milestars tires have a step-down grooves feature that allows them to stay rigid on a rough surface. The tires go a thousand miles because of the feature. Silica gel also helps the tread to maintain sustainability.

Who makes Milestars tires?

Nankang corporation limited is a world-class tire-making company. Their growth increased with the establishment of the Taiwan plant in 1973. with the help of Japanese technology, they develop a Jiangsu plant in September 2003.

Both plant production is increasing till today, they produce a radial tire with high-quality performance tire, they have the reputation of enough to handle a tough vehicle. They make passenger cars, light cars, sedan cars, sports cars. In 1972 they made a reputation of being proudly marketed in Australia. Nankang tires are globally supplied tires to over 100 markets.

The corporation is awarded with ford motor company Q1 certification and achieve ISO 9001 certification in 1994.they have 300 distributors in Europe and many other countries. 

Manufacturing of the Milestars tires

Tires are the most important component of the vehicles. They carry the weight of the vehicles and also provide them with stability, endurance, and friction. so, they need to be manufactured properly with high-quality material. The component of the Milestars tires is:

Radial tire

A radial tire is the newest technology tires, they have belt plies with cord material to help the tire to stabilize.

Rubber compound

The rubber used to make tires as well as the other compounds they mix with them to form the proper tires with high-quality functioning.


Bead is used to connect the tire to the wheel

Body ply

Body pliers give the strength to maintain the air pressure and help to carry the weight.

Bead fillers

Bead filler is the compound between the body pliers and the bead.it provides the characteristics like stability.


Tread provides the friction, grip between the surface and the vehicles. They help to balance the vehicles.


The air pressure is held with the help of the inner liner.


The rubber compound made a sidewall and they help the vehicle in bad weather in short, they provide weather resistance.

Models of the Milestar tires

Let’s mention a tire that is the manufacturing of the Milestar tires:

  • MS932.
  • Patagonia A/T R
  • Patagonia M/T.
  • Passenger car tires.
  • Light truck tires.
  • Motorhome and RV.
  • Agriculture tractor.
  • SUV.


Milestar tires are a company that makes tires in an affordable and high-quality range. They have several distributors in various countries. They use Japanese technology to make a tire. Their range is far better than any other companies. Those who want to buy the best tire on a tight budget Milestar tires are not a bad choice .No one can guarantee that they are better than a premium tire, they spend time on research and that’s why there is a difference between them but everything comes with pros and cons.

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