Things to know and the schedule of comprehensive income tax refund for correction claims

We have to pay various taxes in our lives. Sometimes, taxes that need to be reported are not properly prepared for the submission 경정청구 of data or make wrong reports themselves so that they are not able to pay more taxes or get a refund.

 At this time, what is needed in this process is a ‘correction’claim, so you can understand that you can get your tax back. Today, I’m going to summarize the refund schedule for those who have already reported to this system and what you must note for those who haven’t done it yet.

 In addition, I would like to organize the places that must be used if there is a part of the current tax that has not been returned or something that has not been reported properly, so I hope you get help not too late.

What is the claim system for correction?

A person who can receive taxes ‘in accordance with the Tax Act’

You have tax benefits, but you haven’t

I didn’t prepare the data thoroughly so I paid taxes

Give the IRS a refund if you overpaid

You have to apply within 5 years as a requesting system

As mentioned above, this system is a tax return system, and you can charge taxes for up to five years. For those of you who are confused when calculating these 5 years, please refer to the tips below.

How do you calculate the tax period?

Many people apply for the tax

It is possible to report based on a request for correction

I will arrange the period for you.

Tax period

Billing deadline

Income for 2018

June 1, 2019 ~ May 31, 2024

Income for 2019

June 1, 2020 ~ May 31, 2025

Income for 2020

June 1, 2021 ~ May 31, 2026

When I get confused before using the system?

Did I get the wrong tax refund,

Those of you who are confused if I reported it correctly

First of all, through a simple tax Q&A

It’s a good idea to check if you need this system.

Go to <Semiticus> website

Tax Q&A without any additional fees

You can use it and answer the real tax accountant

I want more realistic advice

It’s possible to get.

So I don’t know if the use of this system is right

If you’re confused, let’s start with a tax Q&A

Please check the situation thoroughly.

How can I apply for a correction?

There are three main ways to use this system, and you can see each details at the bottom. Please take a close look and proceed in a way that suits you.

Getting help from a tax agent

You don’t know much about tax laws

Go over the documents thoroughly

It is suitable for those who want to proceed.

With the help of a tax agent, you can carefully check whether you have paid more taxes for five years or if there is anything you can get a refund, and you can also get guidance on how to save money, so you can proceed in detail.

Therefore, if you want to proceed without worrying about why I have been paid a lot of taxes, whether there are not enough documents this time, and whether they are properly prepared, it is appropriate to proceed with the help of a tax agent.

Hometax self-reporting

Where he/she knows what documents he/she has not submitted,

Where he/she has knowledge of tax laws

It’s the right way to proceed.

If you have not prepared the document properly but know exactly which document you have not prepared, you can do it yourself at Hometax and you can apply through the same procedure as below.

Request a visit to the competent tax office

Deduction items that I didn’t take

Items of documents that I haven’t prepared

If you know exactly, it’s the right way.

You can apply for this system if you visit the local tax office. However, the tax office doesn’t provide advice on what kind of taxes I didn’t collect and how to save money, so prepare carefully.

In addition, so many people visit the tax office every specific tax period, which can take a long time to report itself, so it is appropriate to visit when you have time.

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