Theadina Von Seyfried: Philanthropist and an Artist in One

Either it is about acting or modelling, the rising artist, Theadina Von Seyfried excels in both. The way she rules the character portrayals and her very elegant personality have generated people’s interest. Theadina is not only the queen of acting and modelling but there is so much to know about her that will leave you admiring her more than ever. What is more amazing and awe-inspiring about her is that she does not care only about herself but everyone around her. Theadina goes by the metaphor,”heart made of gold” literally. 

Theadina moves easily between the two worlds: the glamorous world of Hollywood and the real-life problems outside that world. As of now, when Theadina is a well-known actress and model and people appreciate her work, she has a huge platform from which she can easily impact the lives of people, help them and solve their issues. 

“Art has always been a part of my life. I love self-expression and the process of creating,” Theadina’s opinion about art shows her passion for her respective field. Her parents played a great role in inspiring her to become a noteworthy actress. They introduced her to innumerable cultural arts throughout museums and theatres in Los Angeles. Moreover, it was Theadina’s efforts that paid off as she polished her skills in different art schools and soon mastered the art of acting. After years of professional training at Debbie Reynolds Dance Studio in North Hollywood and acting coaching with Ivana Chubbuck, she finally was able to land several major and minor roles in films, music videos, TV pilots, and magazines. 

The Queen mastered every area of her interest; meanwhile working to make her name and recognition in acting, she also enjoyed dabbling in photojournalism by capturing the most picturesque sites of Los Angeles. Adding to the list of her achievements, Theadina is also an alumni of Beverly Hills Playhouse.

Everyone has a turning point in life that changes everything; likewise, Theadina changed her way of looking towards life after her father’s death. Although it made her sad, it impacted her personality in the most beautiful ways. After a year of reconsideration, she ultimately realised that life is not about things like clothes and bags but the real contentment lies in helping others and being their back in hard times. Her new mentality has already driven all of her plans for the future. However, she continues acting and modelling as she sees it as a service to people but now her main goal is to support the poor and needy. 

For the same reason, Theadina has excitedly announced about starting a skincare line as soon as in 2022. She aims to produce something cheaper but of good quality to help those women who cannot afford other expensive brands. This, her kind heart has made her most unique among other rising stars in present. 

Her plans show her ambitious nature as in five years she sees herself invading European and french cinema, perhaps a movie or short film too, and building an orphanage or NGO. I just want to help people but also make the world a more beautiful and better place- Theadina Von Seyfried. The world needs more of such people.

Follow her at @theadinavonseyfried

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