Exclusive Interview with Entrepreneur Jiten Thakkar

Jiten Thakkar is making news for being a successful digital entrepreneur and digital marketing expert. He is pioneering the way for the growth of local businesses in the digital world through his digital marketing firm & Platform, Local Forever. 

Recently, Vents Magazine got an opportunity to interact with Jiten Thakkar to know about his career goals. He shared many valuable inputs on being a digital entrepreneur, available growth opportunities for local businesses, and about his firm, Local Forever

Hi Jiten, How are you doing? 

I’m doing fantastic. The current situation has given me a lot more growth opportunities in the digital world than before. So, I am putting my mind to utilize them for the maximum growth of myself and my clients. 

What Exactly do you focus on in your Career?

I am a digital marketing consultant & marketer. I have got 12 years of experience in the digital marketing space and I have founded my digital platform, Local Forever, by utilizing my experience in the digital world. 

Through Local Forever, I simply focus on helping local businesses grow enormously in the digital world. I have helped many big organizations in establishing their strong digital presence by bringing traffic on their websites & grow their business with effective marketing strategies. 

Would You Like to Share About Your Future Plan? 

Currently, I am helping local businesses grow in the online world through an affordable subscription-based pricing service. For the future, I am aiming to open multiple offshore branches by expanding Local Forever to offer services to a vast number of people.

How do you Keep Your Clients Happy and Satisfied with your Work?

To keep my clients happy, I provide digital marketing service as per their requirements by first asking them about their current challenges and problems & then giving them simple solutions that they can do themselves, or we can do for them. It is of utmost importance to take your client’s feedback very seriously and act upon it as fast as possible.

Whats best way to start learning digital marketing at home?

Fortunately, digital marketing can be quickly learned at home with just a computer with the internet or sometimes even on mobile. Then you keep upgrading your skills. Starting with reading blogs and watching videos would be the best bet followed by reading a book; I have published a book called ‘Marketing Digital Marketing’ for the same reason, but they can go for any book they think is best. There are various courses, both free and paid, available on the web. Follow content creators on social media who put tons of import tips and information about the niche. My top advice would be to register a domain, go for a simple WordPress theme-based website, start doing practical organic SEO, and eventually practice paid ads if your budget permits. Digital Marketing Learning is 80% practical & 20% theory.

What Major Goal Do You Eye on Before Your retirement?

I want to bring a digital wave in the lives of local businesses to the best possible level I can. For this, I focus on expanding Local Forever to reach a wide audience to provide them digital marketing services that effectively meet their goals. Another goal is to help as many young marketers find their ways to become successful digital marketers as they are the future who would lead to continually innovating in the niche later.

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