Fire can be undisputedly described as the most essential discovery that pioneered the future journey of human kind. But fire, on one hand gives warmth and cooks food but also burns down buildings and even take lives. A small spark in a switch board has a potential to put an entire warehouse on torch. Even recently, 3 people lost their lives in fire at Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation, or 9 people died due to sudden fire at Srisailan Hydroelectric plant, Telangana. Incidents like these are appallingly common.

It always seems that we are prepared for fire accidents but accidents like those say otherwise. This is why Fire Watch Guards are needed. They can save lives and assets under direst fire conditions. But why can’t we put off the fire of our own? Why hiring them? Reason is simple. They know fire better than us and half-knowledge is worse than having none.

Effective and efficient way of saving lives and property.

Fire evokes fear when it burns wildly. But fire watch guards are well trained to handle the direst situation. They identify potential threats and provide solutions accordingly. They should know the whole premise to operate and hence know the places of potential dangers and safety. They are well trained to handle the situation with a calm temperament providing the necessary courage to tackle the situation tactfully.

Precaution is better than cure.

Fire watch guards can play multiple roles. They can perform patrolling duties along with being proficient in handling fire situations. Since they are well trained, they can spot the potential places where fire may break out. Thus, they may even prevent an accident from occurring beforehand. They can also point out the structural defects in the construction, which may cause accidents other than fire mishaps too.

Better confidence and sense of security

The safety of workers should be of the primal importance of any institute because safety evokes trust from the employees. There is sense of security when a fire watch guard is at watch because the employees know that their lives are valued and protected from potential accidents. They feel safe in their workplaces and can focus on their work, evoking trust and confidence in workers. This indirectly leads to a better working environment and enhancing productivity.


It is always suggestible to have a fire watch guard beside a general security guard. But it is essential to get a thorough background check of any guard one appoints as they hold the key to the security of an entire premise. One must also hire fire watch guards from trusted companies only.

Good things come with some expense, but what are few dimes as compared to someone’s life? Fire watch guards can save lives, properties and may even prevent an accident from occurring. So it is better to think wise and not regret our choices later.                    

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