Digital Gabbar is promoting newfound business in the digital space: Rohit Mehta

Digital marketing is unfathomable to most young and impatient marketers who start devising campaigns without prior knowledge about the same. In the age of so. many advancements and the complexities that follow, Digital Gabbar is an attempt by Rohit Mehta to teach and preach to eager individuals about digital marketing services. Rohit Mehta is best known for his far fetched vision when it comes to digital marketing and he has decided to explore every segment of the industry. He launched his new start-up Indian Gabbar that helps to feature upcoming personalities of digital space and presents them in the spotlight.

He says, “A talent unknown is a talent left to waste. If it weren’t for blogs and websites that facilitate digital PR, most of the deserving talent would be shrouded from the audience. A business, creator or social personality must have some published pieces that vouch for their credibility and their services, from reputed publications. Indian Gabbar strives to direct the spotlight onto you so that your voice and services can reach many viewers.”

Rohit Mehta’s technical adroitness stems from the fact that he spent most of his childhood with computers and the internet. It might sound like a common trait now but a decade ago, few were interested in the actual working of computers and the internet. He has an established career in the IT industry, with more than 10 years of experience with leading software giants and SaaS product brands. His transition to digital marketing as a result of experimenting with blogging when he realised that merely publishing a post wasn’t enough to get visitors. What began as a small-time project to learn the nuances of digital marketing and implementing on his blog, is now an established career for Rohit Mehta who provides digital marketing services and manages high profile clients now.

Rohit Mehta was troubled about the absurd information available on the internet about digital marketing. There were very few websites and channels that were sharing relevant information while most of it was only fluff and clickbait. He is on a mission to make digital marketing more lucid to understand to a beginner and his first venture, Digital Gabbar is a ginormous step towards that goal. Digital is only a year old but already has millions of active users, mostly beginners and some full-time professionals as well who are exploring digital marketing by understanding it piece by piece on Digital Gabbar.

Digital Gabbar has industry titans of digital marketing as contributors who use the platform to share the secret sauce behind implementing digital marketing strategies and garnering huge ROI from it. With such eminent personalities on the roster, the users are keen on reading every new post that is released on the site. Digital Gabbar is also planning to conduct interviews, questionnaires and live sessions with the successful entrepreneurs who have moulded digital marketing to their benefit.

Rohit Mehta says, “Digital marketing piqued my interest in 2015 but to say that I have grasped each trait of the industry is a false statement. Digital marketing is evolving as we speak and what’s relevant today is a poor strategy tomorrow. I try to concentrate more on the feasibility aspect before hastily devising any strategy and even advise young marketers about it. You have to patient with the groundwork because it lays the foundation for the success of any digital marketing campaign. Digital Gabbar is successful because of the eagerness to learn about the industry and when you have the right information, organic visitors follow.”

With two start-ups launched successfully, Rohit Mehta has no intention of stepping down. He is involived in a few big projects as well, some being personal ones and we hope that he unveils them when the time is due. Rohit Mehta is a successful author too, with more than 6 books about digital marketing written by him during his time in the industry. The books are an attempt to raise awareness about the nuances of search engine working and the foundation of digital marketing. He isn’t hesitant to share the secrets behind his success and elaboratively mentions them in his books which are bestsellers on Amazon.

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