A Guide For Buying Airsoft Pistols

Airsoft pistols are imitation handheld airsoft guns specifically used in airsoft sporting events. They’re a unique class of low-powered, high-caliber, smoothbore airsoft guns specifically designed to fire rubber-tipped non-plastic spherical projectiles at fast speed. Airsoft pistols are usually powered by springs or rubber-type gas air softeners that operate using compressed air, which is commonly referred to as “gases.” These types of airsoft pistols are extremely popular as they can be easily stored in a pistol case or other small storage device.

Top Grade Pistols

The top grade airsoft pistols on the market today are manufactured by top manufacturers such as Gokenic, Matrix, Anson, Lone Wolf, and Vapgear. The top ones are made from high quality materials such as stainless steel or rubber grips. There is also a replica version of an airsoft pistol known as the Elite Force pistol that is used by special forces and law enforcement personnel worldwide. A high quality replica can cost upwards of $250.

Bumpkin Gun

An airsoft gun replicating a semi-automatic, double action trigger and bolt action is sometimes referred to as a “bumpkin” or “bumpkin gun.” Although these models are similar to fully automatic airsoft guns, they are available in three different styles: the classic single action model, the semi-automatic model, and the double action model. A typical airsoft replica pump will hold about six to eight cans of CO2 air, including the BBs. Pumping and loading the airsoft gun is quick and requires very little physical effort.

Red Dot Accessory

An airsoft pistol utilizing red dot technology is called a red dot accessory. Some airsoft pistols are equipped with red dot sights that use red dot gas instead of CO2 gas for firing. Red dot sights work with some red dot products such as the Steiner MLX. Red dot sights are generally available at many retail stores.

Replica Rifles

Many airsoft retailers provide availability of Replica Airsoft Rifles for sale. These are usually produced by manufacturers such as Intimidator, GI, and AEG. These guns are available at reasonable prices and can be considered collector’s items. They are most commonly used by military and law enforcement personnel as well as other experienced users.

Another type of airsoft gun commonly used is a cartridge that utilizes high pressure air to propel BBs. The most common is the pistol cartridge. These are available at many retail stores, online, and in some cases can be obtained free of charge if purchased with a gun. While not extremely popular, the pistol cartridges are widely used due to their high rate of fire and affordability.

Spring Airsoft

Spring Airsoft guns utilize a spring that compresses and tensiones as air is pumped into the gun. As the compressed spring compressed and tightens, the BB begins to fly. Many airsoft guns utilize a slide, flip, or bolt mechanism for storing ammo. These mechanisms are similar to those of real guns. There are a wide variety of different spring mechanisms including slide, clip, and bolt, and will vary widely in price.

Electric AEG

Lastly, there are electric AEGs. Electric airsoft guns tend to be more expensive than other models. AEGs utilize a drum with an outer case and motorized inner cylinder. The electric gun shoots BBs via the electric motor rather than a spring. They are generally more powerful than the other models.

Types of Airsoft Guns

  • Single Shot – While most airsoft guns are single shot, there are airsoft pistols available in double shot as well. Double shot airsoft guns are used by military and law enforcement personnel. Because they have a longer range than a single shot, they are commonly used for training exercises and target shooting. Because these weapons must be cocked manually each time the BB is fired, they can be considered more expensive than other airsoft guns.
  • Semi Automatic – One type of Airsoft pistol is the semi-automatic. Semi-automatic pistols are usually cheaper than other types of airsoft guns because of their lower rate of fire and higher rate of accuracy. Some of these guns may not fire as rapidly as their automatic counterparts, but they tend to be less expensive. Marui airsoft guns are semi-automatic pistols produced by the Marui Company. Marui has made its mark on the world of airsoft by producing some of the most popular airsoft accessories. The company also provides a variety of different Marui airsoft guns and other different airsoft accessories that its customers can purchase.

Airsoft pistols have become extremely popular in recent years. They are fast becoming the choice of airsoft players who want to take their play to the next level. Because of this popularity, there are many different models of airsoft pistols available for purchase at Gearup Airsoft. If you are an airsoft player who wants to choose a pistol to carry, consider one of the AE

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