Weekend Movie Recommendations: ’90s Action Edition

I’ve been busy watching a lot of sports. That has put me behind in terms of what’s on the various streaming services. Now, though, the amount of sports on television is starting to drop down a bit. I was on HBO Max the other days and noticed some new films available to stream. That includes True Romance, which I have never seen. As such, I will not be recommending it, at least not yet. Here are a few films on HBO Max that makes for a fine day of movie watching on the weekend.

Here’s a collection of ‘90s action films that could make for a fun collection to watch together. Start on the serious – but gripping – side with Speed. Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock are in fine form and Dennis Hopper is a great villain. I don’t love this style of film where a bunch of innocent people are put in peril, but the movie has enough quality to get over that. It’s a quintessential ‘90s action thriller.

People Forget A Fourth Brendan Fraser Mummy Movie Almost Happened Years Ago  - CINEMABLEND

Speed is a little heavy, so let’s counterbalance that with the lightest film I have. That would be The Mummy starring Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz. A lot of people apparently love it. Millennials have affinity for The Mummy. I think it’s fine. It’s got a throwback vibe that works pretty well. Fraser is good. The special effects are not. If you can handle that, though, you’ll be good to go.

Then we move on to Twister. It’s a disaster film, which is something I can handle when it’s done well. People imperiling people? Not great! Nature imperiling people? Let’s do this thing! The cast helps make Twister work. At the very least, it has a flying cow.

Usually I only do three movies, but this week I am doing four. I started with a Keanu movie and now I’m ending with one. That would be Point Break. It’s over-the-top and goofy, a perfect action film to watch late at night to chill out at the end of a long day of movies. Then again, after this much action you might be too revved up to go to bed. In which case, there’s plenty of movies on HBO Max you can watch until you nod off.

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