Tricks to Prevent the Foot From Injuries on Concrete Floor

 If you are doing a job in the airport, warehouse, hospital, medical stores, retail shops and department stores then for sure you need to stand for a long time on concrete shoes. Don’t you ever have an injury in your foot? Do you? This is normal, people are getting injuries in the foot by walking on the concrete floor for long, even standing on the concrete floor could also cause you injuries. These kinds of injuries can’t be recovered in one to two days, if you ever face this injury then you should know. I know you can’t afford the injury because you need to go to work daily, so you need a proper solution.

In this article I am going to tell you about some tricks that will help you in preventing your feet from getting injured.

Use Special Concrete Shoes

There are special types of shoes for concrete floors, those are actually called concrete shoes. You need the best shoes for concrete. When you work by wearing these shoes you will never feel pain, you can even walk and stand for a long time. You will not have aches, injuries, and never be tired. Even if you have any disturbance or stress in your muscles the sole of the shoes will make it normal. So if you are in search of this kind of shoes then you should go to buy this.

Use Moisture Wicking Socks

These are not usual socks, the moisture wicking socks will prevent the blisters that usually form on the toes. Make sure you are wearing the proper size socks, there should be no holes on the socks, if you are shifting long then change in the middle of the shit. The moisture wicking socks will keep your foot enough moisture to keep the tissues comfortable and relaxed. Remember changing of the socks is compulsory because building up more moisture is not good.

Stretch Your Foot

In your shift if you ever find the time to sit then wear out your shoes and take out the socks and relax your feet. Stretch them by your hand, relax the tissues, even rub your feet and make them stress free. In other words you have to massage your feet. After a 5 to 10 minutes massage you can again wear the socks and shoes. Now you can work again without any pain and injury.

Shift the Weight from One foot to other foot

Don’t stand on one foot for long. If you are walking then try to change your foot again and again. This is because your foot will not feel the burden. If no pressure is put on your feet then there will be no stress on them. With this trick you can prevent your feet from serious injury, because the stressed muscles injury can stay for weeks and you can’t afford this kind of injury so make sure you are shifting your weight and keep walking.

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