Teen Boot Camp in Los Angeles, California

Key Transitions is a premier outdoor adventure therapy program, is often chosen by parents as a substitute for boot camp for troubled teens Los Angeles, California. Having with over 7 years of combined experience in therapy in the wild, the Key Transitions team knows the right treatment strategies for troubled teens. This approach is achieved by being guided and supported in the knowledge of a “new path” and direction for life.

While Key Transitions is not a Boot Camp, it is a preferred replacement for these programs. The typical theory behind most boot camps is this: if you discipline and yell at the kids enough, they will “follow the line.” Although we find that during these intense military-style boot camps, there are provocative teenagers who come … Unfortunately, this “rehab” is temporary and fear-based, and so there is no “permanent” change in teenagers. .

Ultimately, experts generally believe that “military-style” boot camps not only didn’t work, they often made the problem worse. It is vitally important that any parent considering boot camp for their adolescent should consider other viable options for their adolescent’s rehabilitation.

Key Transitions Teen IOP and Teen Sober Living Programs are recognized nationwide as a leading program for “Teen Therapeutic Transition Life.” Here we teach both personal responsibility and independent living, leading to a long life in health and balance for your struggling teenager.

Offering an alternate type of teen therapy that is focused around befriending, mentoring and creating a distraction-free environment benefits even the most “treatment resistant” and “rebellious” teens. Key Transitions goals are to bring peace and restore emotional health to our struggling teens, as we guide your struggling teen through the transition to adulthood.

Feel free to contact the Key Transitions Admissions Department for more information on registration and tuition fees. You can call Key Transitions to see how we can treat your troubled teen.

Kids Boot Camp in Los Angeles, California

Some desperate parents turn to teen boot camps to protect them from incarceration or even the possibility of death. However, before sending a teenager to boot camp, do your homework on boot camp versus nature therapy or hospital treatment. Like most institutions and programs, not all bootcamps are the same. You can rest assured that Key Transitions, as the premier Los Angeles teen therapy program , is a long-time member of the National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs (NATSAP). This accreditation and membership is a resource and beacon for parents and professionals, as Key Transitions provides the highest quality services to the students and families we care for.

In essence, our hope and goal is to help shape a “heart of peace” that will replace the “heart of war.” Key Transitions therapy for troubled teens is unique in that there are constant and ongoing opportunities for observation and intervention. These moments are not interrupted by the usual daily disturbances and distractions found in a traditional inpatient treatment program.

The wild atmosphere creates the epitome of experience-oriented treatment for our consultants 12-24 hours a day, mixed with individual and group therapy sessions under the direction of our team of therapists and mentors.

Youth training ground

Similar to a “military boot camp”, youth boot camps are created to impart structure and discipline to “energetic” youth. This “instruction” is usually carried out through the application of a “military” control that involves intense physical activity. The goal of boot camp employees is to “challenge the camper” in the “hope” of instilling self-confidence and independence.

However, it is important for parents to recognize that boot camps have recently come under heavy criticism from psychiatric authorities and physicians for “being too harsh without responding to psychological problems.”

We have learned that through a mentorship and unique teen therapy approach, participants have a greater attention span, allowing for a more focused and prosperous healing process. We see our students reach out to their classmates as they develop a stronger bond with the counselors.

The daily outdoor activities allows students to obtain information about their past unhealthy behavior more quickly and allows them to make appropriate and appropriate changes. These relaxing yet sometimes challenging teen therapy situations allow our students to step back, grow, and reach higher levels of maturity while facing obstacles and behavior problems.

Teen boot camp

In the past, some private boot camps and military academies have offered “fellowship” or “fellowship” programs to families in need of financial assistance. However, these “grant” programs generally turn out to be “loans” disguised as “financial aid” that are repaid in monthly installments. Also, most of these boot camp programs have disappeared, making them difficult to find.

In short, free boot camps for troubled teens rarely exist. However, there are government funded boot camps that can only be used if your teen has been or is in the state youth system. While government-funded boot camps may be the only financially viable option for some families, this option has serious drawbacks that are worth considering.

Certainly, curative and therapeutic advice is not offered at youth boot camps. The boot camp staff are not licensed or trained to provide counseling on “emotional issues” and “psychological disorders” that are typically at the root of all adolescent behavior problems. These boot camps offer only discipline and authoritarian control. In the end, boot camps are more like “prisons” than “therapeutic interventions.”

At Key Transitions teen outpatient therapy, and Los Angeles teen sober living, we involve parents and family in the advancement and therapy of their troubled teenager. Over the years, we have helped hundreds of children in Los Angeles, California, and across the country. Our roadmap has been proven to deliver life-changing results. We know that struggling teens can grow into healthy, independent adults and strong, motivated individuals for success.

National Mental Health Center for Teen Parents in Los Angeles, California

Administration of Mental Health and Addiction Services (SAMHSA): Find out how SAMHSA is helping people access treatment and services. SAMHSA is the agency of the United States Department of Health that directs public health efforts to promote behavioral health in the country.

National Council for Behavioral Health: NCBH is the unifying voice of America’s psychiatric and addiction treatment institutions. With more than 750,000 employees and more than 2,000 member organizations, NCBH serves more than 8 million of our nation’s most vulnerable citizens.

Resources for parents in the Los Angeles, CA area:

National Alliance on Mental Illness of Los Angeles – NAMI Los Angeles is the regional division of NAMI. Its objective is to educate, support and promote advocacy to improve the lives of families affected by mental illness.

Los Angeles, CA, at Key Transitions Teen Outpatient Therapy, and Teen Sober Living, we understand that one circumstance may not apply to all of our clients. That is why we are dedicated to the needs of each child and we do it with precision and care. We serve troubled children in Los Angeles, California. Call us to speak with one of our expert family attorneys. We are here to help

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Head Honcho, Editor in Chief and writer here on VENTS. I don't like walking on the beach, but I love playing the guitar and geeking out about music. I am also a movie maniac and 6 hours sleeper.

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