Why training with a friend gives amazing results

We all have friends and when we are with them, we never realize how soon the time has flown away. We are always excited to do thing with our friends even if means to stay awake until the wee hours or waking up early to go on a trip or hike or go for a walk or for a run. Well the answer is very simple, we feel more motivated and elevated when we are with people that care for us. 

  1. A critic and a friend

When you train with your friend whether it is in a gym or an outdoor sport or any other activity, your friend is your biggest critic and also the biggest supporter. Mixing fitness goals with the right friend gives you strength and stamina and it also cements the best bond between both of you. They also act like your personal trainer guiding you on your journey towards a healthy lifestyle. 

  1. You will not quit

With a friend by your side to keep you motivated and help you push yourself you are less likely to quit. You will want to show up every single day. The right friend and you, both can undergo training session under the right trainer, and this ensures that you maintain regularity in exercising.  

  1. Consistence 

They help you with your diet plans, your training regime, workout sessions etc. they make sure that you remain consistent with your routine also allowing some cheat days too. 

  1. Transformation is quicker 

When you train with your friend, who constantly gives you feedback to improve hypes up the motivation and feel accomplished. With regular feedbacks you tend to push harder and be better this helps in your transformation especially if your workout buddy is fitter than you. 

  1. Emotional support

We are humans and we go through a lot of pressure in our lives especially if it is related to work. Sometimes we do not feel like working out or training, having a training buddy in this situation makes a lot of difference. Training together not only transforms your body, but it also transforms your relation with your buddy, you become closer than ever and build stronger bonds which is not only beneficial while working out but also otherwise.

  1. Diverse workout sessions

When you train alone there are very limited number of workouts that you can do and it kind of becomes monotonous which at times takes away our motivation and we feel tired and exhausted. Training with a buddy adds in more fun because other than solo workouts you can also add in some of the fun workouts that require a partner. Both of you can talk to your trainer and invent new exercise mechanisms also. 

  1. Endorphins

There is another added mental benefit of having a training buddy is endorphins. If you have more than 1 training buddy imagine the level of endorphin in your system. Whether you do running, swimming or cycling, when you do it together, the right balance of hormones keeps both you active and steady. 

  1. Make new friends

When you choose a training buddy it is not limited to having only 1 person you can invite someone else, and your buddy may happen to invite their friend or friends. This makes it a group training session and together you all can achieve more

  1. Workouts don’t look expensive

When you have a friend or a group of friends who want to transform themselves physically and mentally, it is easier to hire a personal trainer as you can slit the fees amount amongst yourself which will not be too hard on your pocket. In case you have enrolled in a gym or have a session somewhere in the outdoors, you all can travel together in one car and share the expenses of the gas.


We all agree that having a healthy lifestyle but training or indulging in any kind of sport or training and eating right is great for our body and our mind. Research has shown that any form of exercise has more positive effect on our mental state as we are focused on the task at hand, it releases our stress which shows on our physical body. So, it is time to take out that New Year resolution, get a buddy and start training.

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