Mercedes Matzen: New York Fun Running Events of 2021 to get You Moving this Summer

As COVID cases have lowered significantly, there are some ways to get (vaccinated!) people together and have some fun! For runners, there are some great races to sign up for, especially fun runs for charity. “These races are no-stress, energetic, and party themed for utmost enjoyment. These are for all levels of fitness levels and ages to have fun and connect safely with others!” Mercedes Matzen says

To keep things fun, there isn’t a time limit to keep up with or anything serious to do! “There are paint and color runs, music and dancing, silly costumes and photo-ops that keep people coming back for more every year! Inviting friends, family, and even co-workers to the event ensures that the charity is supported in their cause and helps us get a bit of fresh air and connect with people we care about.” Mercedes Matzen adds.

If a charity fun run doesn’t have enough runners, they can actually reach out to businesses and corporations to organize a fun company team building exercise. “Most employees and employers have so much fun getting to get in a little competition and positive environments to support good causes,” Mercedes Matzen informs.

Mercedes Matzen, a business analyst in New York, loves fun runs. “I do fun runs yearly! I love getting my friends together and then just having a blast when it comes time to run!” With all of the fun, there are so many people that will train with their friends to participate together. “Every fun run I get to compete in, I thoroughly enjoy,” Mercedes Matzen says. “It’s not about the time it’ll take you to complete a fun run because no one really cares, except for a select few advanced runners, but they missed the point of a fun run.”

Fun Runs differ in length and obstacle depending on age groups, fitness levels, and types

Typical fun runs are short enough for beginners to cross the finish line and long enough for advanced runners to challenge their speed and time. Besides the various types of a fun run, the most common distance is a “5K fun run”, which is a 3.1-mile run.

“Fun runs are meant to be fun! Don’t be too serious. As long as you’re having fun, there’s no reason to worry about the finish line. Most fun runs are designed so anyone, regardless of their fitness level, can join in and have fun while doing it,” Mercedes Matzen says. If you’re planning to partake in a fun run, keep in mind that most fun runs are having a blast for a good cause. It’s easy to get competitive when participating in a race, but stop yourself from falling into that trap. But to have the most fun for a fun run, getting ready is key in any event. “If you have never run before, but decide to run a 10K the next day, then you’re better off not running at all. In fact, you might get hurt or burned out as you’re not quite as fit as you thought. Having training can help you start on the right foot and make progress along the way. At a minimum, you should be following some form of consistent training in 8 to 12 weeks prior to the fun run event,” Mercedes Matzen informs.

“When competing in the classic 5K race, technical running attire is the rule, but such gear isn’t required for a fun run. In fact, I’d recommend that you choose clothing that you don’t mind getting so dirty that you’ll have to throw it away at the end. The clothing could also be something you plan on using exclusively for color fun runs if you’re into it for the long haul,” Mercedes Matzen informs. Keep in mind that there will be colored powder coming your way in every direction, so remember to protect your mouth and eyes with a bandana and a pair of sunglasses, especially if you have allergies. “Along with clothing, expect to ruin your running shoes due to all the different colors getting thrown your way. You can also devote a pair to fun runs that you only use for such events or  you could also consider buying a cheap pair that you won’t mind throwing away at the end of the race,” Mercedes Matzen explains.

When the race is over, expect a festival at the finish line! This party is a fantastic way to keep up the fun vibe and wrap up the whole event. The lively atmosphere and upbeat music can create even more friendship and fun between the participants. Take time to rejoice in the color party at the end of the fun race.

Keep an eye out online for races in your area! New York City has tons of resources for people to get involved in races and other events around the city. So, gather your (vaccinated!) friends and family and join a fun run this summer!

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