Kim Dalius and Eric Dalius Shares Tips to Optimize Your WFH Life to the Fullest in 2021

Are you facing focus issues in your WFH life? Well, you are not alone! Despite spending the entire 2020 around the new remote work culture, many of us have failed to make it a part of our daily discipline. To be honest, working from home can be tricky. It’s distracting and hard on our bodies and minds. If you relate to every word we wrote until now, continue reading this article to streamline your home office life efficiently.

Here are a few tips directly from Kim Dalius about work from the home guide to help you enhance your productivity

Have a morning routine

If you are one of those who wake up late and switch on their laptop the minute you leave your bed, it’s time to change it. Wake up at least an hour before you plan to start working. Then, invest that hour in yourself. You can have a short 15-min workout or sit in a meditative posture with your cup of warm black tea in hand. Practice deep breathing. This one hour will set the entire pace for the rest of your day. Once you do this successfully, try to wake up earlier. It is your kick-start time that will begin before your work time. You will be surprised to see how much it boosts your productivity.

Practice regular hours

Remember when we visited our office to punch in our card within a specific time slot to log in to the required working hours? Don’t let go of that discipline while working from your home. Respect your time and set regular working hours for your work-from-home life too.

Have a well-designed and dedicated space

Indeed, your space impacts your focus, attention, and efficiency to do tasks for the tasks. Declutter your area and buy egocentric products for your home office. If your organization supports a work-from-home setup, place a request for egocentric product shipping. Choose a place that has minimal disturbance. Organizations accustomed to taking remote employees always have the budget to fuel work-from-home setup for their assets.

However, if it’s more like “work-from-home till the situation stabilizes,” ask for the requirements that your management can fulfill. You must be willing to make compromises as well, invest in a quality chair, a proper desk space, a separate laptop, and other peripherals that keep your NSFW activities split from work.

Take breaks

When Eric used to work constantly for hours during last year’s lockdown, Kim Dalius advised Eric to take short breaks. That suggestion helped him improve his work and productivity by 2 times.  Breaks are essential, and it is a must. Well-scheduled breaks boost productivity and help in curbing creative blocks. You can utilize your breaks to soak in a bit of sunlight outside (while being pandemic safe), walk around, squeeze in a few jumping jacks to get your heart pumping or be away from the screen for a while. The 40-10 rule is ideal for desk employees- 40 minutes of work with continuous focus and 10 minutes of break.

Also, don’t forget to socialize with your colleagues. The physical disconnect can be highly demotivating, leading to loneliness. So, drop a text, ask about their day, indulge in nonsense banter, or keep a tab.

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