Jason Shand’s Latest Single “I Know”

At once a subtle and essential component, there’s no getting around the importance of the guitar parts in Jason Shand’s new single “I Know.” Shand’s vocal interacts with an adjacent piano and six-string elegantly from start to finish in “I Know,” but in the moments he’s straddling the gentle melody of the guitar, we’re presented with more catharsis in the ensuing harmony than any of us could prepare for. This is high caliber pop magic even for a seasoned player, but if there’s one thing we can learn about its composer, it’s that he’s full of surprises this summer. 

The vocal makes the harmony straight-up hypnotic, and while I don’t want to shade the credibility of the song structure, Shand’s contribution to the material in his performance here is cannot be overstated nor replicated by another player. He’s laced too much of his soul, his very personality into the core of the words that when he sings them it’s difficult for us to make sense of where his voice is starting and the chime of the strings and the keys behind him is ending. It’s seamless integration, and not achieved solely through a high-end mixer (although that’s something else to consider in this track as well). 

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These verses don’t have the same meaning without Shand’s emotion poured into them from behind the microphone, and I think it goes without saying that they feel incredibly personal even at their simplest. He’s got nowhere to hide in this piece; the instruments are stripped of the indulgences that would typically come between artist and audience in a pop single, but even if he did have a barricade to shelter himself behind, I don’t get the sense that he would want to – there’s just too much on the line here for anything else to be the case. 

Shand could probably do an acoustic remix of “I Know” without losing any of the chills factor the track sports so liberally, and I would even say it might have a bit more radio playability as a harmony-centric ballad than it does in this AOR format. The crash of the instruments is certainly exciting and gets my heart racing every time I give the song a spin, but what really counts in this single is the masterful melodicism its singer is affording it through his attack, his vocal, and more than anything else, his close relationship with the lyrical content. 

The man who penned “I Know” isn’t a newcomer to the spotlight; Jason Shand has been a voice in this game for many years now, but the youthful passion he has in this performance makes me wonder whether or not we’ve truly seen the best he can do yet. He’s still got so much to share, and if you haven’t had a chance to take a look at any of his recent activities as of this June, “I Know” is the song you need to start with. Shand is a class act, and his look here confirms that. 

by Bethany Page 

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