Bring an oasis of peace to your home with the flower and plant trends of 2021

In this crazy time we live in a chaotic world and many of us experience more pressure than usual. We now know that different flowers and plants are good for your health, and that is enough reason to transform your environment into a flower and plant retreat. To immediately upgrade your interior, you obviously do this with the flower and plant trends of 2021.

Bloompost recently released a trend collection. This article helps you to recharge, surrounded by greenery, in an oasis of beautiful flowers. You can even send these flowers as letterbox gifts to someone you love!

These are the flower and plant trends of 2021

The Inner Retreat trend is mainly about tranquility, and warm colors with rich structures ensure that. Pastel-colored flowers and plants with beautiful shapes provide an oasis of tranquility at home. Let’s take a quick look at all the floral trends for 2021.

Essential flowers in 2021

Romantic flowers with beautiful shapes and colors will become indispensable in the home. Think of a transparent vase with unusual shapes and a few sprigs of baby’s breath. This will brighten up your interior enormously and every time you look at it you will be happy again.

That is of course not all. We will also regularly encounter the cymbidium, anthurium, carnation, chrysanthemum and cut shrubs. There is a focus on flowers and plants with medicinal powers. Did you know that the chrysanthemum (according to an ancient Chinese belief) brings happiness and peace to your home? And that the fern helps to purify the air? With these flower and plant trends we bring stability and positivity into our home.

These house plants should not be missed in your interior

Moving on to the great plant trends for 2021. The plants that we will regularly see are the beaucarnea (which instantly transforms your home into a tropical jungle), the schlumbergera (which belongs to the cactus family), succulents, succulents and kalanchloes, colorful orchids and of course nicely shaped ferns.

Flowers and plants give us this relaxed feeling, calm our stressed nervous system and also calm our mind.

Hanging plants

The magic word for all these trends is ‘stand out’. How can you make a plant stand out better by hanging it up? This way you can turn your living space into a playful urban jungle. Secretly, this trend was very popular before, namely in the 1970s. People made their own plant hangers and hung cozy plants in special pots throughout the house. Hanging plants have made a real comeback! In front of the window, on a rack in the kitchen, on a cupboard or in the stairwell? Nothing is too crazy! Of course you can also attach a hook in the ceiling where you can hang a hanging green topper. Mix and match different plants in different pots to turn your dangling plant corner into an eye-catcher in the house. The following plants fit this trend:

  • Scindapsus
  • Rhipsalis (Coral Cactus)
  • Aeschynanthus (Lipstick Plant)
  • Senecio (Pea plant)
  • Hedera (Ivy)

Will we see you soon at Bloompost? Our green experts are happy to provide you with advice about our houseplants. See you soon!

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