A Step-By-Step Guide to Prepare a Simple Kratom Tea

Kratom is a member of the coffee family native to Southeast Asia. Its popularity has grown all over the world for its ability to enhance your wellbeing. Whenever someone speaks about kratom, they refer to the supplement or tea products made from its leaves. More users prefer to take the dose in a tasting cup of tea as it offers overall wellness support. You can enjoy the drink any time of day.

Since you can’t buy kratom tea as a standalone product, you will need to brew it in your home. It is easy to brew kratom using a teapot, coffee pot, or French press. Just purchase the red vein kratom for sale from an online store and follow a simple recipe. If you want to know how to make kratom tea, here is a step-by-step guide for a simple process.

Making kratom tea from powder

You can make kratom tea using powder or crushed leaves. Most people use the powder when preparing kratom tea because of its high level of potency. It is also easier and effective to make regular tea and blend in kratom powder. The two complement each other to create an enjoyable experience.

You must make the brew in single cups to get full benefits. You need several ingredients when making a single cup, including a tea filter, small whisk, and saucepan with a pouring lip. Other requirements are the correct amount of kratom powder, eight ounces of water, and lemon.

1.     Heat the water

The first step is to heat the desired cups of water in a saucepan. The water should be hot but not boiling. Boiling water can compromise the chemical makeup and expected results of the beverage.

Since alkaloids in the kratom make it effective, don’t ruin them by boiling the water. Boiling kratom can sometimes affect its potency, considering the alkaloids have nitrogen. However, these active alkaloid compounds can withstand high temperatures.

2.     Add acidic ingredients

Consider adding acidic ingredients to reduce the reaction that breaks down alkaloid compounds. The elements can help boost the alkaloid efficiency by preventing them from breaking down during the brewing process. Therefore, before adding kratom powder, squeeze the lemon juice into water or add lemon slices while brewing.

3.     Add the powder

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Once you have your hot water, let it cool for a minimum of two minutes, then add to a cup with kratom powder. Ensure you use high-quality products free of additives or impurities. You can add an herbal tea bag to the brew for a distinct taste, as you will get better results from a teabag than using the powder directly in the cup.

The recommended baseline recipe is to use 0.5g of kratom powder for every one cup of water. The more water you use in kratom tea, the lighter flavor you will get. Therefore, ensure you get the correct ratio of kratom powder and water. Too much dilution can affect the kratom tea potency and its effect on the body. Therefore, add water depending on how you like your tea.

4.     Stir your tea

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When preparing the kratom brew with powder, ensure you stir thoroughly until the powder distributes correctly. Sometimes the powder will settle in clumps affecting the quality of your drink. The powder should mix appropriately with the water when it is hot. If some residues settle at the bottom of the cup, sieve them out before drinking your tea.

5.     Allow it to simmer

Give the brew 15 minutes to simmer before taking, depending on the particular kratom strain you are using. This helps reduce the potential damage to the alkaloids by hot water. The tea needs to cool to the required temperature before adding sweeteners.

6.     Add sweeteners

Adding honey or lemon can add a new flavor to the kratom tea to create a more enjoyable beverage. Kratom tea is as delightful as regular tea but with the added health benefits. The sweeteners ensure deal away with any nasty taste of the product.

After preparing the brew, use sweeteners such as honey, sugar, or lemon juice to help improve the flavor. Other ingredients such as ginger or cinnamon can also boost the taste. You can tailor your kratom tea by adding any sweeteners and drink immediately.

If you want to try iced tea, pour the drink over ice after brewing. Alternatively, you can store the beverage in a refrigerator overnight and take it the following day. The tea can stay up to five days in a cooler without a significant loss in quality. However, keeping it for long can affect its taste.

Making kratom tea from leaves

While the powder is a common form of making kratom tea, you can opt to have clear tea that doesn’t contain the texture of powders. Put the kratom leaves in the mesh strainer and add them to the hot water. Allow the water to simmer for about 20 minutes to create your tea. Once the brew has cooled, remove the leaves using a strainer and enjoy your drink. You can still add sweeteners then drink immediately.

The Bottom Line

Most people brew kratom tea from powder because of its health benefits. Brewing the compound triggers a compound that allows easy absorption into the body. You can use the tea to treat several conditions such as pain management, helping with anxiety or insomnia. Sometimes you will need to experiment with several recipes to find the correct way of brewing kratom tea. Both powder and leaves have different tastes.

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