Top 7 surprising benefits of drinking beer

Everyone is aware of the harmful and damaging disadvantages of drinking beer. Excessive consumption of alcohol can result in many serious health issues. But there are some surprising and positive benefits of drinking beer.

So, before you plan your next visit to for a glass of beer, you must read this article. In this article, we will discuss the top 7 benefits of drinking beer in moderate quantities.

Beneficial for heart health

Although the drink contains alcohol, it is advantageous for your heart. It thins your blood and prevents blood clotting. This helps in maintaining the heart in good shape. Drinking beer in a moderate quantity is proven to be good for your heart.

It also helps in increasing high-density lipoprotein (HDL), also known as “good cholesterol.” This particular protein helps in preventing various heart diseases. Beer also contains vitamin B6 that helps in lowering the risk of heart diseases.

Increase bone density

Yes, you heard it right. Beer can help increase your bone density. The dietary silicon present in beer supports bone health and development. This is one of the most astounding benefits of drinking beer. Scientific results have also endorsed this beneficial use of beer.

Some studies have also proved that moderate drinking of beer can help fight osteoporosis. It is a medical condition in which bones become brittle due to the loss of tissues. Researchers have also concluded that beer is a significant source of bone development.

Provides nutrients

Beer is an excellent source of nutrients necessary for our body, containing soluble fibers and minerals like potassium, iron, and magnesium. These nutrients fulfill the needs of your body.

Well, you may be knowing some healthy benefits of wine. Similarly, beer helps in maintaining your overall health. The concentrations of protein and vitamin B are higher in beer as compared to wine. It also contains some valuable antioxidants. Researchers claim that moderate beer drinking is beneficial for overall health.

Lower the risk of diabetes

This is not a joke! This has been a shock to everyone, and even researchers are surprised by this fantastic benefit of beer. Beers can help in reducing the risk of diabetes. Well, it helps reduce the risk for type-2 diabetes.

Beer helps in increasing the sensitivity of insulin in your body. This eventually helps in preventing the occurrence of type-2 diabetes in our bodies. Beer and moderate consumption of wine and liquor can also help reduce the risk of diabetes.

Improves your kidney health

Is beer a magical drink? Well, it seems that it is indeed a magical drink. It provides many health benefits, although only if it is consumed in moderation. Beers can also help in keeping your kidneys in good shape. Though research is still going on this topic, it is approved by many professional doctors.

Beer is over 90% water by volume. It helps in flushing away the remains from your kidney. Moderate beer drinking can also help in preventing kidney stones. Even white wine and liquor can also prevent kidney stones when taken in reasonable quantities.

Maintain your cholesterol levels

As mentioned earlier, beer helps in increasing the amount of good cholesterol in your body. One thing that needs to be emphasized is that you must practice moderation. Excessive consumption of beer or any alcohol will only damage your health.

Higher levels of good cholesterol are necessary for your body. The higher levels of HDL have been proven to reduce the risk of heart diseases. Many professional doctors suggest drinking beer to increase the level of good cholesterol in your body.

Good for your brain health

Let’s take a look at the last but the most amazing benefit of drinking beer. It improves the flow of blood in your brain. As a result, it is considered healthy for your brain when consumed in moderation.

Beer is also considered to lower the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease by up to 23%. It is also beneficial for your hair. There are special shampoos that use beer as an ingredient.


Wow! Drinking beer is beneficial for health. Yes, it is helpful only if you practice moderation. Excessive consumption of anything can cause serious health issues. So enjoy your glass of

chilled beer!

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