The best American foods you should try

When it comes to American food, it is associated with unhealthy and high-calorie food. However, Americans have traditional food that they adore and would not give it up in any way.

Furthermore, we cannot deny that some of their traditional dishes have spread around the world. And they have a great variety of delicious foods that are worth trying at least once in your life. So what are the top American foods that you should try?

Turkey – Thanksgiving dinner

One of the first things that come to mind when we hear American food is a turkey, which is normally served at Thanksgiving. It is usually served with some garnish as rice, potatoes, or corn.

Thanksgiving is a national holiday that is one of the most popular American holidays in the USA. It is often referred to as Turkey Day, because of the turkey, which is a symbol of American food, especially on this day.

Hot Dog

We can’t miss the famous Hot Dog. It is also part of traditional American food. A hot dog is a sandwich in which sausage is placed. It also contains ketchup and mustard, fresh pickled vegetables, bacon, and spices. This sandwich is so delicious and worth a try if you haven’t already.

Cheesesteak Philadelphia

Traditional American food comes from Philadelphia, as its name suggests. Cheesesteak is a long loaf known as a Hoagie roll. Thinly sliced beef pieces and melted cheese are added to it, vegetables and spices can be added too. This is an extremely tasty sandwich that you can find in any fast food restaurant. And it’s definitely the type of American food worth trying.

Deep-dish pizza

If you are in Chicago, you must try the Deep-dish pizza. It is American food that, due to its shape, looks more like a casserole than a pizza. Its crust is very high, so it allows you to use a lot of cheese and all the products needed for a traditional pizza.

Reuben sandwich

Americans are definitely people who like things such as sandwiches and burgers. Reuben sandwich is American food that consists of beef, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, Russian sauce, cooked on a pan or grill. It is usually served with potato chips.

Clam Chowder

You can’t visit Boston without trying the famous Clam Chowder. This is the type of American food that you won’t want to try when you see it, but it only takes one bite to make sure it tasted amazing.

The combination of seafood chowder, potatoes, salted pork, cream, and herbs turns out to be truly ingenious. So you’ll be really sorry if you don’t try Clam Chowder. We guarantee that you will rediscover American food.

Kansas City Barbecue

When we talk about American food, we can’t mention their barbecue. There are different types of barbecue in the USA, but what should not be missed is the Kansas City BBQ. It can include beef, pork, or chicken, served with a thick sweet sauce.

Apple pie

Along with the already mentioned American food, we should talk about such a popular American food, namely apple pie. This pie is more than a must-try.

Americans have dedicated years to perfecting it and making it their traditional food. Such a simple combination of apples, sugar, and buttery pastry, and such an amazing taste that you can’t resist.


There is no way to mention burgers, which are another traditional American food. What it consists of, a classic American hamburger is two round loaves of bread, between which there is beef with ketchup, pickles, and onions. In most cases, they add cheese, as well as various sauces and spices for a perfect taste. The hamburger is American food that you can prepare yourself.


As for American food, we should add foods like tacos, burritos, and nachos. What distinguishes them from the Mexican ones are the grated yellow cheese and crispy taco shells.

If you like to cook and experiment in the kitchen, we recommend you try one of these American foods. You will certainly not go wrong and you will get to know the traditional American cuisine even better.

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