Nicole Russin-McFarland’s OnlyFans Is the Bob Ross Inspired Surprise You’ve Always Wanted

Film director and film score composer Nicole Russin-McFarland has a fast growing OnlyFans page devoted to her art and film career. Every month, Nicole teaches digital drawing lessons for film fans to draw their favorite actresses. Here’s your first look at the coolest safe for work OnlyFans profile in our exclusive interview!

Why is OnlyFans an empowering social media platform?

For many reasons. First, they’re very anti-bullying and big on user privacy protection. OnlyFans doesn’t sell any ads, and all of their revenue comes directly from a 20% commission they take from all website transactions made by users.

Bullying creators is less likely to happen on OnlyFans, where people willingly follow your free or paid subscription profile.

Whatever people do for free on the main social media networks, you could be paid to do on OnlyFans. Because I want to have an old school setup like Bob Ross, whose art show existed with donations made to the public television networks carrying his show, my OnlyFans profile is set up as free with a message to leave tips if you like my art page and hanging out with me.

With a free page, you gain many more followers and so much exposure, it’s crazy. The exposure will spill over into any side businesses or creative works you have, so say, you’re like me with music on Spotify, people can find that because on OnlyFans, the profile has a link up top made only for pinning a Spotify song. I link to my film score album on it. Anyone in the film and television industry like me can pin a special link to your IMDb profile that’s really prominent. My IMDb Starmeter was really fluctuating up and down so much, but these past few weeks, it’s been at around 50,000 on IMDb, which is really great for an independent filmmaker whose first animated feature film is only debuting online this summer.

Can we talk about the elephant in the room within the business discussion: how do you think it is empowering for women who model on the platform?

Because OnlyFans never tells people what to wear, or polices women – or men – in any respect. Before the Internet took off like this with a website like OnlyFans, women like myself encountered the casting couch scenario, and no, it’s not specific to entertainment work. When I was younger, I saw how within the United States, casting couch systems are very alive for corporate work and media jobs in Manhattan. As an agency model or freelance journalist, I was subjected to harassment nearly most of the time, and not given opportunities if I said no, and I always said no. OnlyFans eliminates the middle man, which is the casting couch, or less frequently, someone who says you aren’t “commercial enough.”

As I always say, I know right now if I were having a digital drawing show on a major American television network, that channel would be slathering me in orange caked on makeup and making me wear exposed clothing attire where everything is on display at once. I might have to allow mistreatment towards me and get told to lose lots of weight, though my BMI is perfectly healthy and I look fit in reality. With OnlyFans, I wear whatever I want. I am in full control of my public image, and it’s also the Britishness of them. In the UK, people within the corporate end of entertainment are really free spirited about women owning their public images. I am so grateful to be working with a smart creative team within the OnlyFans corporate office in London!

OnlyFans began as a way for actors and musicians to have a strong friendship connection with those supporting their creativity as friends and financially. It’s going back to that. The media loves running away with OnlyFans as this sensationalist platform, but lots of people use it for cooking, drawing, mainstream modeling, reviewing restaurants, and plain old cheesy fun. People love the yellow journalism viewpoint, but I say this! Twitter and Instagram have so many women on there leaving nothing to the imagination, but it’s “cool” for corporate leaders and stuffy types having mainstream social media. What’s the difference? Why do OnlyFans, Patreon, and other supportive websites that are inclusive of all freedoms of expression end up getting that reputation that that’s all they’re for? And yes, for the record, I support people using them for whatever they want so please don’t think for a second I am looking down on anyone who uses it for more, all I want is putting it out there, “Whoa, this website is so much more!”

What’s on your profile then?

My profile is really hanging out with me, the art series, my announcing new drawings weekly, my being silly as I tend to be on social media, sharing things I’m working on, and whatever one might expect. I don’t wear bikinis or anything on there. Most of what I wear is either casual normal clothing, dressy clothing, or vintage looks, and the wildest I might get is wearing something like a copycat dress I’m going to wear soon of Charlize Theron’s Oscar dress she had on when she won her Academy Award in the early 2000’s.

But say someday I want to wear a wilder outfit, a 1950’s inspired bikini with a retro look working my natural skintone, soft auburn hair, and whatever I have. That’s allowed with my picking out my wardrobe and final photos and videos. Don’t dream of doing anything like that in mainstream job opportunities owned by others, where everyone wants to turn everyone into a Kardashian clone. There is one and only one fabulous Kim Kardashian. Only one of me exists. The world has room for all kinds of women, and all women are marketable. OnlyFans is intelligent enough to know this. OnlyFans knows that all women are beautiful, never forcing anyone into a neat little checklist.

Why do you think OnlyFans is good for people from all professions?

OnlyFans is one of the most popular websites in the world that isn’t a news website or mainstream social media platform. On some days, it probably gets more traffic than the big social media places! Today, on the website Alexa that ranks all the websites that exist, OnlyFans ranks #373. Anyone who doesn’t see the commercial value of that is foolish!

How is your first animated feature film, The Homework’s Revenge: Esther in Wonderland? Can we expect it soon?

Yes! This summer of 2021! I’ve had to do some additional filming on green screen for myself, and Ryan McGregor, my UK actor who plays The Mad Hatter and a fake TRL rapper called Lil Livahool. Our filming process is so hilarious. He is inside his home filming surrounded by furniture with this green screen blanket thing held in place, but you won’t know that because in the movie after he is converted into a cartoon, he gets absorbed into the Mad Hatter role, surrounded by sparkling stars in Wonderland at the tea party, and in another scene where my Alice character is in the middle of TV screens.

Much of the film is parody; so many pop culture references. People will find themselves with a trip to the year 2000.

Things are harder to estimate with me self animating solo! Seemingly right on schedule now. I’m almost done animating the school time sequences, which are my final ones to go. Around the next two weeks, I have to finish up my storytelling sequences, which are all me rotoscoped into a cartoon telling the story to the audience and the character known as The Film Studio Executive.

It’s a lot of work, and I am doing this to prove once in my lifetime, at least once, I solo animated a feature film with at least a 60 minute running time. With how dismissive people are towards women in the performing arts, it’s almost like female filmmakers, and in my case I’m also a female film score composer, we have to do twice of whatever is standard for hipster men in the arts to be taken seriously. It’s fine for some guy to hire out all his animation, but a female filmmaker like me, for me to seek financing to prove I’m a “real” filmmaker, I need to work myself overtime until I’m emotionally drained from self animating a movie, building a personal brand, drawing stuff, updating myself online, so much. You eventually lose steam and say, “We have no choice but to keep going.”

I have never seen so much of my face until I animated myself into this movie! Maybe on the next one, retreating into a small role like playing a coughing bird or some minor part will be a relief.

What’s up with you and your Peter Jackson fangirling?

This is really much deeper than fangirling. I want his actual film directing career with the one tweak, if he also composed the film scores for his movies, because film score composing is so tied to me. When I was younger, I knew I wanted to make films for the purpose I would have full control of everything including the music. My first love some days is really music over films—-a tough choice!

He is a grand career role model to me and has ever since I first discovered the Lord of the Rings trilogy theatrically, going to see it when I was 14, 15, and 16. He determined he was only going to stay in New Zealand on his own terms and pulled it off as everyone around him told him that couldn’t be done. He built a business around creativity. Adventure movies are a business! People think it’s all fun, and it’s more like, “Filmmaking is hard work that happens to have fun in it.” I love his no nonsense attitude towards everything. Filming blockbuster adventure films and animated motion capture films regularly in New Zealand is my goal! The UK obviously too is my big filming locale obsession for life, but let’s not discount New Zealand. Something has pulled me there like magnet since I watched how Sir Peter Jackson immerses himself with a great work/life balance there. Whatever he’s doing is working, and I want in on that!

My love of Sir Peter Jackson and how he and his then girlfriend created their own big time film careers together is beyond Lord of the Rings. I fall in love with works because of the people creating them.

Before in interviews or meeting people, I quietly kept all of this to myself. My paranoia about others being offended by my primary career role model not being a woman disappeared ages ago. Speaking my mind is the new normal for me. True equality is when men can admire women’s careers and vice versa.

I do often imagine myself commuting to work full time in Wellington for sure! Oriental Bay is so eye-catching. Imagining that drive daily, whoa, and the “problem” of me having too much studio funding to go make my movies. The visual is fabulous!

Cool! Will you ever buy a house in New Zealand?

Wow! If I can someday have the luxury of owning in the UK and New Zealand, absolutely. When I have the money, I would love to own a cool house in Wellington, commuting to make my hit movies next door, renting space and ideally, paying the best special effects people on the planet with money I fundraise, or the money studios give me! Ideally, I wish I had my own film studio. Shhh!

Right now, I’m just happy any money exists in my bank accounts. That future of my owning swanky properties around the globe needs to happen in 2022, ASAP, universe! Get me an Oriental Bay house! Or any nice house there. As a non-home owner, haha…

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