How to look up a license plate number for free?

If you are going to buy a car or any other vehicle you should take a look at the license plate to get authentic and overall information and history. As it contains all the information and history and you should know all the things whether it a good point or bad before bring it to your home. This will keep you safe from future problems.

But the question arises here that how can we check our license plate? For this question, there are two answers that you can check either for free or from paid services. In this article, we discuss the freeways to check your License plate lookup and get information.

What is the license plate number?

The license plate number of a vehicle is like the DNA of any species. As DNA contains all the information regarding living beings. License plate number can also give you all the information and history of the vehicle.

This number is given by DMV states vin lookup when the vehicle register. this number also proves to you that this vehicle is registered or not and this is the most important factor you need to consider while buying. This number is the identity for any vehicle embossed on a metal surface and placed either front or back of the vehicle.

What do I get with license plate lookup?

It is important to check the license plate. But you must be thinking that what I get by this. What makes it so important. Let’s discuss what information you get by looking at your license plate.

You can get:

  • Market value
  • Specifications of vehicle
  • Fuel productivity
  • Safety matters
  • Guarantee or manufacturer recall
  • Indicators of potential auto fraud and theft

How to lookup license plate numbers for free?

Before the advancements of technology like today people have to visit their local DMV and tired themselves to get relevant and incomplete information regarding vehicles or Car report. But with this evolving era, several online websites can give you authentic information within few minutes.

Here we discuss the most reliable website which you can use.


FAXVIN is a vehicle registration service that can give you 100% faithful and reliable data within few minutes (sometimes its service is much faster). This website is trustworthy by thousands of people.

This website has a back of trustworthy data sources which are also registered. If you go with this, you will never have problems with having false information.

This is the link to FAXVIN, go and enter your plate number. Your vehicle information will come in your hand in no time and with no issues.


It is concluded that taking a look at the license plate before buying will save you from any future problems. There are several paid or free services to heck this. among all free services FAXVIN is trustworthy and it is suggested to you to go with it.

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