Elvisa Dedic is a fashion influencer and Instagram entrepreneur. She runs an Instagram page ‘’Elvisa Dedic ‘’, Fashion Influencer,she has an online family with 721,000 followers.

Facts About Her: 

1. She Likes to Try on Herself Different Clothes”, She likes to experiment with his shades. 

2. Travel and maintain their social networks, and update their location information regularly. 

3. Her favorite colors are pink, black, and brown, and we can even see her trying on different clothes in these colors. 

4. She wants to create her own cosmetics line because she wants to create her unique brand and leave a legacy.

5. She wants to name her cosmetic brand’’ Elvisa Cosmetics’’, in which she wants to show a series of lipsticks, highlighters, lip scrubs, etc.

6. Elvisa is from Bosnia and Herzegovina in the Balkans, but later immigrated to the United States when she was 11 years old. 

7. She has always been interested in fashion, makeup, fashion, and styling. 

8. The academic research she completed in 2019 was given priority. 

9. She has a bachelor’s degree in crime and psychology studies. 10 While receiving her bachelor’s degree, she also served as a clerk in the Duval County Courthouse.

11 . Her first recommendation came from ‘’PrettyLittleThings’’. 

12 She has a different brand. On their list of sponsors ‘’FashionNova’’.

13. She always makes sure that her clothes keep up with new trends and are stylish enough to kill them.

More About Elvisa Dedic

As an Instagram or social media Fashion Influencer is a character that has a huge variety of fans on social media due to fact because it provokes or benefits the eye from women, teenage boys to preserve themselves in each aspect, creates particularly style content, blogs, publish or any different form of social media matters that draws some of the adolescents has the energy to influence.” 

This career has ended up extraordinarily saturated, in particular, Instagram, which’s a hub for style influencers and in addition to style entrepreneurs to do marketplace or earn money, Having a splendid profession with-inside the style modeling enterprise is now no longer a chunk of cake. This article is likewise all approximately style influencer Elvisa who has additionally aced her expert recreation as a cosmetics entrepreneur and now going for walks a one in all biggest beauty emblem in the west. Elvisa nonetheless wasn’t glad along with her achievement at a total height point as she craved for greater and had a high-quality method closer to constructing her style profession with-inside the world. 

After a whole lot of commercial enterprise research, consultations, and sufficient Finance, she was determined to begin with her make-up emblem, Elvisa Cosmetics. Speaking about her new commercial enterprise line, she said “ I desired to begin my personal cosmetics line due to the fact I need to construct my specific emblem and leave a legacy behind. She attracts several youths towards herself by this platform. She is the upcoming new cosmetics artist of the world, she has the guts in every aspect to become a successful entrepreneur .

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