American Genius Award Honored Andy Khawaja of Allied Wallet

Andy Khawaja is a successful businessman who owns various companies. One of his most famous companies is Allied Wallet – it provides online credit card processing all over the world along with PCI Level 1 Secured Payment.

Andy Khawaja was presented the American Genius Award. He was given this honour due to his success in the world of entrepreneurship and the technological advancements he has made.

What is the American Genius Award?

The American Genius Award is a great honour for anyone receiving it. These awards are given to citizens of America who have been extremely successful in their field of work. The American Genius Award is given every year to honour the bright minds of America.

To give away this Award proper research is conducted and the award receivers are chosen extremely carefully. To ensure fairness, there is an American Genius Award committee which chooses 50 candidates in the beginning. After choosing these candidates the committee studies there work in depth, looks at their achievements and does the research. After doing all of this they decide on one candidate worthy of the award.

Andy Khawaja and AGA:

In the year when Andy Khawaja received the award, the committee selected the most influential 50 people in the beginning. These included Mark Zuckerberg – the creator of Facebook, Michael Dell – the founder of Dell, etc.

However, the committee did not just want to give the award to famous people, but to people who were taking part in different fields of business. This is how the committee decided to choose Andy Khawaja as the one worthy of the award.

Without any doubt Andy Khawaja truly deserved the award; he is not just a businessman, but a person who is bringing innovation. While he owns various businesses and works hard to make them successful. He also brings innovation in the field of business.

Andy Khawaja’s life:

Andy Khawaja is a successful businessman who owns Allied wallet – a company that provides people with safe online payment methods. Allied Wallet is functioning in 196 different countries and has 120 million customers at the moment. All these people are able to make safe online transactions due to the said company.

Khawaja’s work is not limited to just one field in the world of business. He works in the fields of real estate, fine dining, e-commerce, and entertainment as he owns his own TV show.

Andy Khawaja is a hardworking and successful man who was Honored with the American Genius Award. He has worked his way in helping people with Allied Wallet and various other ventures of his.

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