Zennic’s Neverland – The Inspirational Story Behind

An artist may be underrated or understated, but his work can never be. Such is the work of Zennic, a singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist. He released his debut album, ‘Neverland’ in 2020, which also marked his debut as a singer/songwriter.

While writing the album, Zennic sites that:

I was always inspired by works of Christopher Nolan, where each story revolves around time. My songs always talk about real life experiences. That’s how I came up with the idea for Neverland. It’s not a real place, but the thoughts coming from it are real. There are hidden references in the album the give a clearer picture.

As from our observation, it is primarily about his anxiety and fears.

Turning those into a conceptual album or a dedicated fictitious place is highly unpredictable. His lyrical abilities give him a slight edge over the time when he couldn’t hit the notes as well as he wanted.

Being a producer and the writer, he is the only person involved in the making of the album, with no features or contributions from other artists. Producer CapsCtrl co-produced two of his tracks on neverland.

Here’s a breakdown of all the tracks from Neverland-

1.Better Place –

The intro track of the album establishes a theme of an unknown city. A “dark and cold place”, a term that he uses quite often. The track has a cinematic appeal to it with strings and a few other elements that makes it sound like nothing on the radio.

2. All I Know –

The second track of the album has a very pleasing vibe to it. With aesthetic Lo-Fi elements, the track talks about the life in the city and his contemplated thoughts. This track is co-produced by CapsCtrl.

3. When it’s over –

Simply put, this is a commercial heartbreak song. Pretty unlike the songs that he has on the album. What makes it sound different would be the “not cliché” lyrics and brilliant production value.

4. Forbidden dreams –

Probably the most unlikely thing that one would ever find on a vocal album; an instrumental interlude. “The whole vibe of the album changes from here and things start to get serious”, as he told us.

5. A letter to Snowchild –

Inspired from The Weeknd’s track snowchild, this track offers the same flow and same production style.

The song is a tribute to Abel (The Weeknd). A song about his journey and how his music and journey helped me get through the tough times and kept me going.

6. Nightmares –

Certainly the most talked about song from the album. He says;

Nightmares is all about nightmares, it’s that simple. I tried to pen down all my experiences and thoughts that were coming from the dark place (Neverland) and how it affected me. The chorus line says “I can give you thousand reasons why, my thoughts keeping up with me at night”

He says he found it difficult to control his thoughts and that led to nightmares which often kept him up at night.

7. Neverland (Title Track) –

“A story told in the form of a song.” Neverland (Title Track) is a detailed version of the intro track Better Place. While Better Place establishes the theme of the album, Neverland provides the perfect idea of how the place feels to him.

8. Too Late –

Zennic feels that there is no turning back to the place that kept him same and he has to live with that.

Quotable lyrics —

I feel that I’m getting sucked in a void.

There’s no way I can come out and get back to my life.

I called out for help but nobody even noticed.

So all I have is time now and a whole lot of wishes

The album that started out with time being evil and Zennic saying that he does not have time, ends with him being sucked in a void (a place where there is no time). Hence, he says that all he has is time now.

Rarely do we get to hear albums that are conceptual to an extent that they feel like a movie. Similar was the experience with Zennic’s Neverland. The depth in the lyrics is something to take notice of. Being a 20 year old, the understanding and emotion carried throughout the album and constantly reminisces us of The Weeknd’s After Hours.




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