What are the types of Office 365 Cloud Environments?

In today’s world, we constantly search for the most beneficial and robust protection for us. Then, why do we compromise the protection of our data? Hence, in terms of data security, GCC plays an important function. By having these specifications in mind, Microsoft Office 365 has released 4 cloud structures for its users. Particularly for government data and data of defense requires more enhanced security than others. To cover this, Microsoft developed various secure structures to protect these types of data.

4 types of Office 365 cloud environments include:

Microsoft 365 commercial cloud

M365 cloud is one of the robust cloud-based structures, which incorporates cloud-based excel as well. Additionally, the M365 cloud gives its users the capability to access, design, and modify their cloud files from other devices and multiple locations.

Microsoft 365 commercial cloud allows reliable cloud storage, business connection with automatically updated features. Additionally, you can also use a Cloud Desktop to increase the efficiency of your work.

GCC (Government Community Cloud)

GCC is an extremely secure version of M365. The initial purpose behind this cloud is to assist government entities and GCC has an essential level of cybersecurity with some particular agreement. Additionally, it makes the latest innovations and abilities of commercial cloud computing platforms to government systems with less sensitivity.


The essential purpose to build Office 365 GCC High is to satisfy the requirements of DoD cloud and federal entrepreneurs that want to increase strength to the cybersecurity and the compliance specifications of NIST 800-171, ITAR, and FedRAMP High, or who want to operate the CUI/CDI.

In other words, GCC-High is just like a replica of the DoD cloud. But GCC-High also exists in its sovereign structure.

DoD offerings (department of defense)

DoD is an enterprise cloud structure made up of a general-purpose cloud and several fit-for-purpose clouds. Additionally, DoD clouds have tactically-focused abilities, which enable the warfighter also while being disconnected. DoD is a commercially protected provider with maintenance and training plan features.

Data Residency vs Data Sovereignty

The concept of data residency and data sovereignty are identical sometimes, but there are a few important and noticeable differences among them.

Data Residency relates to the location where a business has specified their data storage on the geographical location based on their selections. Data residency is important to assure that our data remains secure in the local system.

Data sovereignty relates to the limitations at the locations to store data for all circumstances. As the protection of Data Sovereignty is necessary as it protects the data for the companies whose data is saved outside the nation and will also obey the national law in which they remain.

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