Picking The Right External GPU For Your Laptop in 2021

Looking for the best External GPU or generally known as eGPU? If yes then we are here to guide you about the latest eGPUs that are popular globally nowadays. But before we move on let’s know the need of GPU in the current scenario. 

Considering the current scenario as the use of desktop PCs is extinct, that’s the reason why many people think that the use of graphic card or GPU is no more. If we look through the market, the laptops are available with no graphic card or with low-quality cards.

For professionals, whether graphic designers or those who used to play high-quality competitive games, having a GPU is a must have as a laptop accessory. The recent trend for adding eGPU to your laptop system is emerging to the highest level. This incredibly improves your laptop graphic results and offers an outstanding-looking display screen.

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In this article, we’ll discuss the best External GPUs that are being used around the world for improving the graphic quality of your laptop. Let’s have a look!!

List Of External GPU For Your Laptop in 2021

  1. Razer Core X
  2. Lenovo Legion BoostStation
  3. Akitio Node
  4. Sonnet eGFX Breakaway Box
  5. PowerColor Gaming Station

1. Razer Core X

The most widely used eGPU for improving the graphic quality with multiple AMD graphics card compatibility. It supports Thunderbolt 3, a USB-C port connection. 

You can enjoy higher speeds up t0 40 Gbps. It is a desktop GPU that amplifies the graphic quality in laptop displays. It provides unrestricted power for the user who connects to it via Windows 10 and macOS. 

Several other compatible graphics cards include NVIDIA, GeForce, and enabled Radeon cards. For those who want to use it for professional graphic designing, they can use Quadro cards and AMD Radeon Pro graphics cards. It offers a quick plug-and-play graphic card connection. 

2. Lenovo Legion BoostStation

Indeed, the best graphic booster powered by Lenovo. This legion Boot station is designed to significantly enhance your laptop’s graphic quality. 

It offers an incredible tower-level graphic card compatibility with outstanding Thunderbolt 3 connectivity. It allows you to expand your media storage library by offering 2.5” storage.

With the use of this quick, efficient and accurate legion you can create your own battle station. It also offers VR support that is based on VGA card configuration. The most compatible graphics cards are NVIDIA & AMD Radeon. 

3. Akitio Node

The best external graphic card enclosure that supports the latest Thunderbolt 3 connectivity (USB-C) for the fastest & accurate graphic boost. It instantly upgrades your laptop or mini PC graphics display and allows you to perform tasks with better graphic options. 

It is the most popular eGPU for efficiently transforming a normal PC into a gaming PC. It utilizes the power of 400W with complete 3D frame support. For professional graphic designers and photographers, this eGPU provides much better options & also reduces the time for giving a finishing look to any footage. 

Whereas, for professional gamers, this incredible eGPU offers higher frame rates for an immersive gaming experience. It connects large and standard size graphic cards. 

4. Sonnet eGFX Breakaway Box

This eGFX Breakaway box is an ideal eGPU enclosure compatible with the latest interfaces and laptops. With an incredibly fast and efficient Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) port support it directly connects to your gaming or graphic designing interface amplifying the graphic quality. 

It supports full-length graphic cards like NVIDIA GTX & AMD Vega 64. It also supports the most efficient Quadro series of graphics cards. Technically manufactured with better features and functions, this exclusive Sonnet eGFX Breakaway Box is considered the most widely used eGPU. 

This is one of the quietest configurable eGPU systems you may have used till now. This effectively works on both windows and mac operating systems. It supports many of the latest functional GPU Cards that includes AMD Radeon series, TITAN and NVIDIA GTX series, and Quadro models.

5. PowerColor Gaming Station

If you want to power up your gaming, then this super quality PowerColor gaming station would be a great choice. For professionals who want to have more accurate and high-quality graphic output. 

For having desktop-class graphics you can opt for this incredible gaming station. It supports the power supply of 550w & also supports an ultra-fast 40gbps thunderbolt 3 port connection. 

This is known as the next generation of eGPU graphics card enclosures.  

It effectively supports the compatibility of AMD XConnect Technology, Nvidia GTX 10 series, and Radeon. 

6. Mantiz Saturn Pro

The most affordable, effective, and efficient eGPU is used for enhancing graphic quality. Read more at only beasts.It is a second-generation external GPU that supports the compatibility of high-quality graphics cards. It is considered a completely functional HUB for supporting multiple I/O connectivities. 

Apart from its functional features, it is popular for its elegant look. It efficiently works with Windows 10 and Mac operating systems. With the best thunderbolt 3 connectivity, you can enjoy more accurate and quick working this incredible eGPU. 

Final Statement!

Hope you find this article informative. Whether you are a professional gamer or a graphic designer, you must be needing the best graphics display for identifying the work quality or having an immersive gaming experience.

We have mentioned the top-rated eGPU enclosures that are widely used around the world. All these external GPUs are compatible with thunderbolt 3 connectivity with the fastest & Accurate working. You can choose the one up to your requirement and enjoy the best possible graphics display with one of the exclusive eGPU.

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